Sunday Watch Nov. 5th, 2017

Today is a Prophetic service. What is your expectation because expectation is the mother of manifestation. Tell God, you are here to take your portion of miracle. Let your expectation hit the heavens. I announce in this Prophetic service, your miracle shall be delivered to you in grand style.

Psalm 126:1-6 Every siege against your life and against your destiny comes to an end today in the name of Jesus. The blessings of the Lord will begin to manifest in your life. Advancement and breakthrough will become your portion. Just like Lot enjoyed the blessings of Father Abraham, that shall be your testimony in Jesus name.

Prophetic focus for November 2017 is “Praise Triggers the fulfilment of Prophecy” 2Chronicles 20:20-26.

Kingdom advancement prayers shall become your portion for life. When Joy ceases every harvest is suspended. Surely as you continue to sow, your harvest is guaranteed. Gen 8:20-22. I pray for every tither, while others are begging, you shall have more than enough.

A word from the Lord can cause your life to turn around in 360 degrees. Thank you Jesus for bringing us to first Sunday of November, let each one word come from above in Jesus name.

Praise empowers, it takes a praising saint to continue to see prophecy in his or her life. Praise is our responsibility. Our teaching series. Is Engaging the wonders of Praise. No human hand can deliver a divine plan. Every of Gods plan is according to Gods capacity, ability, wisdom and it will take him to fulfil 1 Kings 8:15, 24. 1 Sam 2:9. it will take the hand of God to bring your plans to past”

Luke 16:28-31, Malachi 3:6, we need to know how to engage prophetic word. Deut 18:21-22. There are still Prophets today bearing the mind of God. There are counterfeits prophets Jer 23:21 but it shows there are originals. True Prophet don’t need anything from you.  2 Kings 5:20. Those looking from something from you are original fake. Beware who you allow to speak into your life.

3 point that will help you realise the prophetic word

  1. Receive the prophetic word. Every prophetic word is a seed. Luke 8:18.15, Gen 8:22. Any prophetic word you don’t receive will not come to pass. The proof of reception is the joy and rejoicing of your heart. Jer 15:16. Prophets speak to your moment, the word of God speaks to your life 2Pet 1:19-20. Every thus says the Lord is a seed. Receive in truth and in deed. 1 Pet 1:23. No circumstances will destroy the word. It is bound to bring forth proofs. The proof will manifest with time and with patience. Gal 6:7. You cant get anything from God on your terms. You don’t have because you have not received in truth and in deed. Matt 10:41. What you wrote down is not what bring forth fruit, it is what you plant in your heart that brings fruits.
  2. Believe it. Luke 1:45. You have to believe it if you must become it. John 1:12, what you don’t believe you are never empowered to become. 2 Chronicles 20:20. You Receive, you believe and you are empowered to become. You will be restored and honoured. Every word written here and in this commission, must be received as Prophetic word and not just prayer so that it can deliver in your life. A casual approach never makes diligent life. If you don’t know that the word are directed to you, you will not have a change of story.
  3. Engage the forces of fulfillment of Prophecy. The relevant forces that are backup fulfilling your prophecy. God is the principal factor for fulfilment of prophecy. You must engage praise to engage God. Psalm 22:3. Whatever God has declared, he shall deliver. 2 Chr 20:20.22. You must have a divorce with complain and murmuring and be satisfied with God. When you knock on a door and it does not open, know that there is a danger there. The force of praise will invoke divine intervention. If you want to see prophecy fulfilled, rejoice for ever more. Rejoice no matter what. Rom 4:20. Abraham was rejoicing despite the mockery of men. Acts 27:21,25 Paul believed verse 31. Cheer up and you will not lose it. Celebrate the validity of the word and God will deliver it. You will never lose again.

Isaiah 14:24 every prophetic word is a divine verdict. Just be happy with God. Settle with Jesus and don’t have alternative. Don’t crave after things, crave after God. Psalm 56:4,10. Don’t compare God with man. God is not in the class of man. Prophecies get fulfilled here because we are enlisted to praise God everytime. You shall rise and be enlisted as Giants. Isaiah 14:24,27. Every prophetic word in your direction will deliver like a dream in the night.

This commission is a prophetic family. Welcome to where God keeps changing stories of people. Give God intervention Praise today and see him deliver his plan.

Every frustration is turned to celebration today. this is your month of fulfillment of Prophecy. Before this month is over, it will be clear to all my mockers that my case is truly different. It is your turn to be decorated