Sunday Watch Oct. 22nd, 2017

In this covenant day of Miracle Job Banquet, it shall deliver maximally in the lives of everyone connected to this service today. Psalm 121:3-8, The Lord shall preserve you

Every issue of your live shall be turned into a testimony.

Prov 3:10 Honour the Lord with your substance. It is a privilege to be a sower in Gods presence. Giving is celebrating the faithfulness of God. Your heaven shall remain open for every seed sower in Jesus name.

Give God thanks in words for another glorious day, another glorious week. Thank you Jesus that I am in the sanctuary and not in the mortuary. You kept my going out and coming in. I give you glory and praise. Let today make a world of difference.

Empower by the Spirit to fulfil my glorious destiny . Part 4. Every believer has a mountain destiny. Matt 5:14, Gen 26:14, gal 4:28 2 Pet 1:3, Rom 8:29-20, Luke 12:32, they took the city, they took the nation and they took the world after the Holyghost has come. You need to be empowered by the Spirit to fulfil your glorious destiny. James 2:26

1 Cor 12.4,11, Eph 4:4. The same Spirit operating in divers manners

Three areas of the Spirit empowerment.

  1. the spirit of wisdom. Isaiah 11:2, 1 Cor 1:24. Wisdom is applied knowledge. Wisdom failure equals life failure. Behind every mans problem wisdom is the principal failure. Prov 4:7. It is the mystery behind exploits. Matt 13:54 Mark 2:12. Mighty works validates wisdom from above granting on your finger tips the calculus of life. Receive afresh the spirit of wisdom on your life Prov 3:19, Psalm 104:24. Jer 10.12. exploits answer to the operation of the spirit of wisdom. From today people will not look for the prove of wisdom in your life, it shall be glaring. Deut 34:9, Acts 3:6, Exodus 11:3, the spirit of wisdom is the spirit of exploits. Exploits is commanding things that no eyes have ever seen. Prov 4:7. What is wisdom, is knowing what to do and how to do it. Matt 7:24. HolyGhost empowers our access into the word and empowers our understanding to access it. John 3:31. From today you will never lack the manifestation of this virtue in your life. Psalm 19:7,
  2. the Spirit of Dedication. He empowers our tireless dedication to Christ. John 10:17-19. Sustainable dedication requires empowerment by the Spirit. It empowers you to go beyond your power to subscribe to anything that God commands. 2 Cor 8:3. The spirit of dedication helps to create your future. Dedication makes you dead to self and alive to God. John 12:26. When God honours you everybody lines up. Tell God to help you enter the gateway to actualising your ultimate honour by dedication. You cannot be dedicated today and not be decorated tomorrow. Dan 3:29-30, Don’t be casual about your work with God, it will show tomorrow. Don’t be religious, be real. So that you can be openly decorated tomorrow. No matter how many demons are after you, I see your decoration. Stay dedicated.
  3. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Glory. Don’t mind your mockers. Face your God. Stay true with your God, the mockers will soon change their mind. 1 Pet 4:14. Acts 28:1-6, whatever God does is ever distinguished. God will be accelerating your destiny from now. The mockers are doing their job, you face your job, tomorrow will show whom God favours because heaven will line them up to celebrate you. Awesome God. Whatever God has said concerning you, I decree today accelerated grace upon your life without stress. I decree your enlistment among the giants on this world. The Spirit of glory is the spirit of restoration. Joel 2:23-27. Your lost career is declared restored, God is turning your morning into dancing. Everlasting joy is yours. The spirit of glory facilitates joy. Pray, Lord endue me with the Spirit of Glory, no more breakdown, I receive supernatural restoration of my glory, the end of shame and reproach.

In this covenant day of miracle job banquet. It covers all areas of life. Those with studies and career but no job, it covers all contractors. Today marks the end of having nothing to do. Today marks the end of that siege. 2Cor 2:11, every door the enemy has shut against you is declared open today. Beginning from today, I decree your breakthrough. Today marks the end of stagnation in your endeavour. Matt 20:3. Jesus hates us doing nothing. Acts 1:1, Matt 20:6, that comes to an end today. We serve a miracle working GOD, he is turning all your obstacles to miracles today. Gen 21:19. I pray that your eyes be opened to where your well of water is. Psalm 119:18. Ecc 5:9. Ecc 9:10. Whatever may have blinded your eyes, I command that siege broken. Everybody has something profitable to do.  You have a profitable portion on the earth. Engage with the opportunities around you first and the next will come. It is doing nothing that frustrates people. By divine favour, miracle jobs will answer in your life. Expects a manifestation of divine favour. Psalm 102:12-15. Your open rewards arrives now. No one serving God in this commission will go through life empty. Divine ideas will hit you today and change your story forever. Many here will receive calls of favour today. Favour shall continue to locate you from this day forward. from today if anyone ask you how far, answer them that God has done it. God has remembered you finally. You are finally finally out of your Egypt today.