Sunday Watch Nov. 12th, 2017

In this Special communion service, let God know you are grateful because of His sustenance. Give Him glory, give Him Praise. Thank you Lord for fresh empowerment. You have done All Things well

Psalm 149:1-9 Praise Ye the Lord.. Prov 3:10

The windows of heaven shall open in your direction. Every giver shall never lack harvest. Your hands shall never be in Jesus name

Let our praise stir the miraculous. May everything enjoy your manifestation.

Examining the wonders of Praise.

Prophetic focus for the month is praise triggers the fulfilment of prophesy. Your package for 2017 shall be fully delivered.

How Praise engenders the fulfilment of prophesy.

You must engage in prescribed warfare. 1 Tim 1:18. 1 Cor 16:9. We must contend with adversaries until we conquer them. Deut 2:24. Contend in battle. It is warfare to see it delivered. Wake up and contend with the opposition. Don’t wait for eternity.

Among other things is engage in high praises. 1 Kings 8:15,24, Psalm 22:3. This commission is a proof for the validity of the word. Isaiah 14:24. It has to be God to see his plan and purpose delivered in our lives. God is the principal factor and Praise is the Principal weapon 2 Chro 20:22, 17.

They sang their way to victory through the mystery of Praise. My prayer is that no one will miss the balance of your prophetic blessings this year

One of the major virtues that praise offers is favour. Exodus 3:8 Psalm 44:3. The prophetic word was delivered by favour. It is a facilitator of fulfilment of prophesy. Favour located David 1 Sam 16:13, 18-22 Praise change his identity and favour brought him into the Palace. 1 Sam 18:2.

Every truly praising saints enjoy favour without strength. Psalm 30:7. Favour is activated by Praise.

Mark 6:21-23 Esther 5:2-3 Two picture of praise and favour. whatever remains for your case to be different shall be delivered to you today as you praise God.

Praising the lord in the dance is beautification. Whatever makes people to ask where is your God, will clear off today. Psalm 149:7. Isaiah 63:4, Until vengeance answers the wickedness of the wicked will continue. Isaiah 61:2, Dan 11:32. God has to clear too many obstacles to bring Israel into the promise land. Exodus 22.18. without the God of vengeance on your side your destiny is at a risk. Ecc 8:11. We invoke judgement in praise and God clears your enemies for you. Praise is one platform to inject vengeance to our enemy. I see God stepping in to silence your enemy finally Psalm 8:2. Every arrow sent against you is returning back to sender today.

Praise facilitate what is written. Psalm 149:9,  2 Peter 1:3. You shall see what is written coming to pass in your life. Praising God bring God into honour. Psalm 50:23. When God honours you he silences every force that is out to dishonour you. Praise is the platform to engage to see honour. Never mind your mockers, they will soon gather to celebrate you. 2 Sam 6:21-23. Never mind your mockers, God is busy making you. 2 Sam 6:18-20

1 Chro 28:4. Psalm 147:1, the only thing God cant give himself his praise, he values Praise. Keep praising him, favour will come down and when favour come down, the impossible will happen. God is not a joker, he means what he says and he says what he means. Commit God by Praise and His plans is delivered. Everything shall work when you give Him praise. Your murmuring and complain puts God off, get rid of them. It is your turn to testify. Declare, it is my turn to testify

Holy communion is the major kingdom mysteries and it is done by faith. Mathew 28:26. 1 Cor 11:30, 23. Delivers us from weakness, sickness and untimely death.

  1. It empowers us to live like Christ John John 6:57, John 14:9, lev 17:11, 1 Cor 11:26. Todays communion will leave something to show in your life
  2. Psalm 105:37 superiors than Angels bread. We enjoy divine strength . 1 Kings 19:6-8
  3. Same order of sanctification with Christ. Heb 9:14, John 8:46

The mystery of the flesh and the blood of Christ. It is not about physical content but the spiritual insight that makes it work. Every harm in your system is neutralise supernaturally. 2 Kings 4:34, every strange movement in your life and body shall be swallowed up today..Every form of spiritual blindness, they are cleared today. May your eyes be open to see the deep things of God. May the humility and sanctity of Christ remain your experience. Phi 2:7, the nature of Christ will find full expression in your life. Every intruder clears off your life