Sunday Watch Nov. 19th, 2017

In this Special anointing and Hosanna service the Lord shall prepare a table before your enemy. Psalm 23:1-6.

Present your seed before the Lord, he will multiply your seed back to your direction. Let the blessings be opened.

Celebrate this Great God and thank Him for his mercies, his wonders, celebrate him.

Praise triggers fulfilment of Prophecy has been the Prophetic of the month, whatever remains as balance shall be fully delivered to you this month. Every day is Gods day, the day you believe is your day.  Gen 21:2, there should be no carry over and I declare you shall not have a carry over.

Engage in the required spiritual word so that your prophecy can be fulfilled. 1 Tim 1:18. Don’t play with your morning time. If you have been obeying prophetic instruction and serving God in truth, it is not late for God to deliver your balance miracle.

The process of seeing prophecy fulfilled is warfare. 1 Cor 16:9, Deut 2:24. We must contend in order to take our possession. We must take responsibility so that we don’t become a liability.

 Matt 15:28. An insane person or dead person cannot believe anything. Mary and Martha believed and Lazarus came back. You can stand in the gap for the afflicted but you cant stand in the gap for anybody to be empowered Acts 2:3 every anointing that marks you out is personally acquired. Matt 25:9. Matt 12:43-45. It is a risk to be power empty. You need to be filled with holy Spirit so that the wandering demons will not invade your life.

Do your part and allow God to do his part. Praise is one fundamental part that invoke the hand of God that deliver the plan of God.

Engaging the wonders of God towards fulfilling the word of Prophesy.

Praise guarantees fresh oil Psalm 92: 1-2. Every divine agenda is delivered by divine plan.  A life style of praise is one of the ways to deliver Psalm 34:1. Psalm 119:164. The altar of praise must be kept alive in the life of anyone who wants to continue to enjoy fresh oil. Psalm 92:2, 11. fresh oil silences your enemies. Psalm 100:4.

When you knock a door and it is not opened, you should thank God because there must be danger there. You cannot retain Gods presence complaining or accusing God.

Psalm 63:2. There must be a thirst of the soul and a longing of the heart to see Gods Power. John 7 Ezekiel 47:1-5. There are different levels of empowerment. Change of level empowerment must be sustained. It allows you to declare things without prayers.

Today is anointing day; you should anoint your home so that your home will become no go area for your enemy. The oil has to be fresh and stay above oppositions that are resisting your possessions. Exodus 30:31. 1 Sam 16:13. What is in the oil? From the day David was anointed he became another person. 1 Sam 18:2-5 unusual breakthroughs just follows him.

I decree, no force from hell will draw you back in serving God.  Whatever was taken from you shall be returned this week. Congratulations