Sunday Watch Dec. 10th, 2017

Thanksgiving Service

Psalm 47:1-9 it is a New dawn for you. A clear change has come. You are not here as a ceremony, God is coming down for you. Let us celebrate God this morning.

Spirituality secures Destiny and Eternity. This is the major way to see God complete our miracle for the year 2017.

Prov 3:9-10. God shall increase your seeds as you give your seed in obedience.

Everything with understanding command outstanding outcome  Psalm 47:7. Why must I give thanks. Psalm 92:1-3, 10-12. The oil never runs dry on a thanks givers life. Every thanks givers command supernatural victory. Then you will flourish like a palm tree. Thanks givers always gain new heights. Thanksgivers will always celebrate God.

Give thanks in everything and for everything. Psalm 92:14 thanksgivers are ever fruitful. May thanksgiving become your way of life from now.

  1. Thanks giving preserve your blessings. Mal 2.1-3. May every blessing of the lord in your life remain preserve your blessing
  2. Thanksgiving perfect your blessings Luke 17:15-17
  3. Thanksgiving multiplies our blessings. John 6:11. We provoke multiplication of blessings when we give thanks.
  4. Thanksgiving silences your enemies. You will look for them and find them no more.

John 6:13 you shall have a basket full of your leftover blessings. May you experience God in a new way.  Isaiah 38:19. Liberation begins with salvation. We shall praise the God of fresh oil, the God of Preservation, the God of Perfection and the God that will silence your enemies. Your basket of miracles will be delivered in Praise. You must sing your song. Don’t be part of the chorus. Isaiah 38:5. It takes your song to take delivery of your package. I prophesy to someone this morning, as your sing your song, receive your long awaited miracle in Jesus name