Sunday Watch May 28th, 2017

Welcome to the last Sunday of May and Enough is enough service. He who knows how to thanks will know how to dine. God does not reward statures, he rewards service. He does not reward age, he rewards input

As you reposition yourself to the word of God, your position will change. Until you obey God nothing will change. You are never eligible for promotion when you are no longer in service. I pray to God today that you will have a change of position.

Gen 22:12- 16. Let obedience become your lifestyle. Be real. Exodus 23:25. The liberation mandate will not lack proofs in your life. You have been struggling with issue for long, this day your long awaited change must land.

Faith is an access to inestimable value and puts you in command for all the issues of life. Mark 9:23.

Faith is that force that invades the invisible world and delivers its mission with precision and distinction. Eph 6:16. Every problem in your life is a faith question

Until your faith dies no devil can kill you. That long standing issue must bow today

Faith is a demonstration of confidence in God until a desired result is obtained Heb 10:35 Rom 4:20-21. Faith is the master key of unlimited possibilities. John 11:40

Accident does not give announcement that it will kill you but faith is a weapon and keeps you ready. Bible faith unleashes power through spoken word. Mark 11:23. Closed mouth equals to a closed destiny. Isaiah 53:7-8. You cant say it, you cant have it. If you cant say it boldly God cannot confirm it openly. It is not pride but faith in action. John 18:4-8. If a lion does not roar like a lion, he is a sheep. You either open your mouth or you lose the battle. Psalm 81:10-14

Enough is enough dimensrions of testimony is coming upon you today. Hab. 3:2, 6.  Deut 28:59,

Number 23:23 every issue of long continuance is a curse but today anything the enemy has thrown at you returns back to sender today. Gal 3:13-14, Number 23:8,20

1 Pet 5:10 2 Cor 4:17,19. The siege against my destiny, my business, my career is expired today. Pray Enough is enough Psalm 30:5