Sunday Watch May 21st, 2017

Welcome to covenant day of Breaking Invisible Barriers. No barrier will remain unbroken by the power of the anointing. Today is your day of encounter and visitation

Psalm 124:1-8.

With faith all things are possible. Heb 11:3. Faith is a creative force. Faith creates solution. Heb 11:29. Faith is the key to every door. It defines the limit of your destiny Matt 9:29. The stronger your faith the greater destiny in the kingdom

What is faith

  1. Faith is taking responsibility thereby committing Gods integrity to perform. James 2:18-19. Sharing responsibility with God in the light of the scripture. Luke 5:4. There is always what you and I must do in order to command attention.
  2. Faith is an ever conquering force. Eph 6:16. Daniel 3:18, 27-28. Somebody here is working free today.
  3. Faith is a law of the Spirit with the capacity to solve all the law of nature. Mark 4:39. Today is your day of liberty
  4. Faith is a violent force not dormant Matt 11:12, Luke 8:40-48, Mark 2:5, 11. It is time to get violent
  5. Faith is the master key for a world of unlimited possibilities John 14:12

No devil can stop faith from having his way faith is transferring your battle to God. Eph 4:13. 1 Kings 18-46.

invisible barrier are real 2 Cor 10:4 Eph 6:12,exodus 12:12. Whatever is holding any aspect of your life will be crushed today. Your destiny will find meaning. Marr 13;28 Deut 2:24

1 john 4:16 continue to love God, Eph 3:19, Psalm 91:14, no barrier can stand the way of a true lover of God Rom 8:28. Psalm 114:1-3

Continue to serve God. Psalm 125:1-3.

Remain planted in the house of God. Obadiah 1:17 Heb 12:23-24, 2 Sam 7:10 Psalm 132:13-16, Psalm 91:1-6, 1 Sam 19:20-24. No evil force can get at you in zion. Deut 12:13-14. Jer 3:15-16. Prov 27:8, Isaiah 10:28. Every wicked force against your life is crushed today