Sunday Watch June 04th, 2017

Welcome to the covenant day of breaking generational curses.

Psalm 126:1-6 Every siege against you comes to an end today

Today shall be a day to remember in your life. Let this month be a month of diverse enthronement for every partner here.

“I am redeemed to operate in the supernatural. Is the prophetic theme for this month of June.  Things are not permitted to happen to you. Luke 17:21. You are to manifest the reality of the heavens on the earth. Col 1:27

Everything about the kingdom delivers as far as your eyes can see. Can you see it? If you cant see it, you cant get it.

Many believers have lost their redemptive identity to their environment.  John 3:8 Everyone that is born of the spirit is redeemed a wonder to his world.  Rom 6:23. John 3:16,

Vital keys to unlocking the supernatural

Keys to unlocking the supernatural. Matt 16:19, Luke 11:52. What you must to do to unlock the treasures of redemption in your life. Don’t let your conviction rub you of your portion. From today what others fear will never touch your life. Whatever makes people question where is your God is turned to a testimony from today. John 10:10. This month marks the end of every form of harassment in your life.

  1. We must be committed to spiritual growth and development. Gal 4:1-2, Isaiah 9:6. Sonship is not a form of age but depth Dan 11:32. Others knew welfare, David knew God. 1 Sam 17. Authority is vested in sons and not in children. Matt 11:12. Acts 20:32 build up by the word and by prayer. Jude 1:20, Mark 16:20, Exodus 4:17. Depth in the word defines the level of the supernatural
  2. We must be committed to engaging biblical mentality in our approach to issues of life. Prov 23:7, John 3:6, you have God given authority over the things that harass others.
  3. Commitment to serving God and the interest of His kingdom. Dan. 3:24-28. They saw servants of the most high God who were protected. When you are genuinely serving God, what consumes others cannot consume you. Exodus 23:25-26. Serving God make you a living wonder. Anybody waiting for you to die, you will be alive to read their own obituary Exodus 4:23, Luke 10:17. John 14:21, John 15:16. Luke 9:6, 2 Tim 2:6.

Today God has gathered us to destroy the siege of generational curses. Therefore, whatever represents a siege of generational curse is over in your life today.

Deut 28:59. Anything of long continuance in your life is a curse. Gal 3:13. You must confront and conquer any curse today. John 8:36. It is your turn to react. Enough is enough. It is your right to be free and free indeed. All curses have answers in Christ. Gal 3:29, Numbers 23:23, Gen 12:3.

1 Sam 17:43 Goliath curse David by his god and David gave it back to him. 1 Sam 17:45-46-51. Whatever represent in any area of your life, I command those curses back to their senders Isaiah 54:17

Blessing is the cure for curses. Numbers 23:8,20.  Gods blessings are irreversible.