Sunday Watch May 14th, 2017

Express your expectation to God today as you thank God, present your request that all round rest will attend to you.

Welcome to the covenant day of all round rest. John 6:48-58.

Get involved in soul winning partnership so as to remain on fire for God and so as to be listed among those that God will enthrone. send your seed to the One million man crusade account. Let God use your love for soul winning and increase your favour. Be blessed. Current Account name: Anioma for Christ Crusade Foundation, Account number 4011079919 Bank: Fidelity Bank. God will revert every negative report against you. God shall change your story for the better. Prov 3:9-10

I announce to someone here today, welcome to your season of financial plenty

1 Tim 3:9 it is by the mysteries of the kingdom that will gain access to the things of life. All things are possible through faith and is key to everything Mark 9:23, Dan 6:23, Dan 3:28, Heb 11:11, 29. Faith defines the limits of the believers destiny Matt 9:29.

Whatever you cannot describe you cannot define.

Number One: What is faith. It is Putting Gods word to work. Luke 5:5-7. James 2:18, 26. Don’t expect anything until you have done what you are ask to do

Number two: Faith is Knowing Gods will and engaging. Psalm 103:7.

Number three: Luke 6:46 Obeying G:3, John 8:39od is a proof that you believe him. What you don’t obey you cannot believe. John 9:7. John 21:6, Gen 22

Number Four: Faith is not waiting for God to work it is putting Gods word to work. Mark 2:12. Everyday is GODS day, the day you believe is your day. Phil 2:12, 2 Cor 6:2, Prov 3:27-28,  Matt 11:28

Gods greatest asset on the earth is the human soul. Eph 3:20. Work your way to the heart of God. I must see you enthrone this year. Over the thing they mock you on, God will make you king.

Number Five: Sharing responsibility with God in the light of scripture so as to create the future you desire. Life without obedience is nakedness, your obedience is your real clothing. Matt 6:33

Number Six: Faith is been fully persuaded of the truth, the prevailing circumstances not withstanding until the truth triumph. Rom 4:20-21

Number seven: faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities. Heb 11:11, Mark 4:39. Whatever hurts the world around you cannot hurt you. Eph 6:16

Luke 8:44, through faith we tap into virtue which changes our system and our story. Men of faith walk in consciousness of divine presence. Heb 11:24-27. Faith releases his awesome power through the tongue. Whatever you cannot declare boldly God cannot confirm openly. Don’t be too quiet for the victory you desired. Isaiah 53:7-8. The harassment over your life is over today.

Anything you believe, declare and if you dont declare, it cannot be delivered. It is time to take responsibility. You have Jesus on your inside. If you don’t say it, you don’t get it. What you don’t say you will never see. Mark 11:23

Allow God to breathe upon your small fish and loaf of bread and you will never lack. Anyone who say you will not live will die in your place

All round rest is Gods plan and purpose for you. John 10:10, 2 Peter 1:3, 1 Tim 4:8. Heb 4:3,10.

How to find rest

  1. 2 Chronicles 15:3 return to God. The moment you seek after another God, your problem shall multiply Psalm 16:4. Anything that you have swallowed that is tormenting you today, today I declare them purge out. James 1:7. John 14:30
  2. Enter into a covenant to serve God. 2 Chro 15:12. This is a master key to all round rest. Dont seat down watching, stand up serving. Without a beautiful life, beautiful dress has no value. I release it to you today. If you so love God, what are you doing to serve him. If you don’t serve God, you don’t have a future.

Receive the grace to serve God with your best in Jesus name