Sunday Watch May 7th, 2017

Special thanksgiving service.

With a heart of gratitude, give God Praise for bringing you to this special day, special week.

Three reasons why you must give thanks. 1. To keep the blessing. 2. to multiply the blessings and 3. To perfect the blessings of God in your life.

Why we give thanks is to promote the supernatural. If you give him glory for the past, you can access the future. I decree, every blessing in your life shall continue to multiply and perfected.

Gen 8:22. Continuous harvest requires continuous giving because seed time and harvest shall not seized. As you give your financial seed to God, you shall not miss your harvest. The windows of heaven shall open in your direction.

Every time you give God thanks for the past, you secure the future. As grace continues to multiply on this commission, grace shall continue to multiply on your life. God will turn you into a surprise.

God is committed to deliver as long as your faith in God and in His prophet is intact.

1 John 4:16. God does not have love, He is love.

Gen 1:1. John 17:26, John 3:16, No matter your colour, your height, your statutes, your background, God loves you.

Heb 13:8. Forever he loves you. 1 Tim 6:17-18, Psalm 91:16, Rom 8:15, I am a believer, I believe the love of God, I am not a doubter, I do not doubt the word of God, I believe his mercies, I believe his mercies endureth forever, He is my father. I am the child of a King. I have special privileges, I have benefits.

May the blessings proclaim rest upon your life.