Sunday Watch March 25th, 2018

Sunday Watch March 25th, 2018

Covenant Day of Business Breakthroughs

Begin to declare, every blessing that you desire on this covenant day of Business breakthroughs, heaven shall grant you the right word.

Bless the name of the Lord for allowing you to see the last Sunday of the month of March and the amazing things that have taken place in your life. Blessed be your name Lord, for protection and provision and for granting us good health. Every form of business failure, breakdown shall come to an end.

Accessing Gods plan for life from his book has been the teaching series. Acts 20:32, Gen 13:15 it takes revelation to access our possession in Christ.  Every child of God is a child of destiny, you are not permitted to live like destitute. You are a pace setter. Today, marks the end of every siege of depression in your life

Number two. You are redeemed for exploit.  Matt 5:14, you carry potentials. For outstanding accomplishment in your pursuit. 1 Cor 2:9

You are redeemed for glory and honour. No more shame no more reproach. 2 Pet 1:3. No more reproach in your family, in your career.

What must I do to actualise this destiny

  1. You must be save to become a child of destiny. Rom 8:1- 9
  2. To command exploit, you must act in love. All through lovers of Christ ends up as commanders. 1 Kings 3:3, the love of God is the launching path to the realm of exploit and stay in love. 2 Cor 1:8 Zeph 3:16-19
  3. Carry a passion for God for the things that matters to him. Value is determined by cost. Nothing of value is free. If you want a glorious destiny, you must pay a glorious price. You don’t sit down to make great things happen, you engage and take great steps for great things to happen. God does not rob his servants, he pays them. Your pay day is here

In this covenant day of business breakthrough, Our Business breakthroughs demands we know more than we know now. Mark 10:17-21. The man came to Jesus and ask what he must do.  Until you know better, you wont change position. Tell God today to show you one thing that you lack. To maintain your breakthrough, you must continue to be thankful always. Ever grateful. Jer 30:19. Anything you thank God for, multiplies at the end. Wake up, it is your turn for a change of story. Thanksgiving lead to glorification and multiplication. Your life style of thanksgiving is the custodian of your breakthrough in life.

When you give wits suspicious, you lose your reward, you dont give to pastor or church.  Mat 6:33, 1 Kings 17:13-15. Psalm 102:13-15 All things shall be added to you for free. God commits  to your life when you make him first. Psalm 35:27. From today, God will take pleasure in your matters.  Your breakthrough shall not know an end. Luke 2:37. Be on the go for the passion of the loss, your praying and your giving will put you on top. May you never turn your back on God that promotes you. Psalm 119:18. Matt 11:11. I declare, no devil will destroy your life or destroy your business.

Heb 7:1. May the windows of heaven be open to every tither today. May you receive grace for continuity for your covenant work with God. No more frustration, no more failure.