Sunday Watch April 1st, 2018

Welcome to Encounter with Destiny service. Thank you for the word of your power that will establish our testimony. Thank you because Jesus is risen. He is alive forevermore. Happy Easter. Luke 24:1-7

In this resurrected Sunday, anything dead in your life shall be resurrected in the name of Jesus. As you engage with this commission and support us, the God of this commission will decorate your life with blessings.

May this resurrected service cumulate to your dramatic change of position. Every negative place you may have found yourself hitherto, you shall no longer be found there. Whatever place Jesus has not put you, you are leaving that place today.

The ultimate of Gods power was demonstrated at resurrection Eph 1:17-21. Resurrection is all about a demonstration of the exceeding greatness of Gods power. Raw demonstration. It is the only way to work in dominion. Phi 3:10. By redemption we have been spiritually positioned to work in thee realms of his power of resurrection. Eph 2:5-6. You and I have access by act of redemption. Matt 27:51. Luke 24:15, 16, 31, 45. The power of his resurrection is only accessible by revelation. Your destiny shall open when Jesus opens your eyes. Job 33.21-23. by the power of revelation transformation becomes automatic. Heb. 9

Nobody’s future will be any brighter than his or her understanding of the scripture. Prov 21:16. Mark 4:11, begins with salvation, upgraded by the HolyGhost and further advanced by the Power of His resurrection. In the name of Jesus, I decree your raw encounter of the Power of His resurrection. Tell God to grant an encounter that launch you into this realm. Pray.

1 Cor 15:51-52 instant transformation is what the Power of His resurrection carries. Today, whatever has held you, I decree, automatic transformation in the name of Jesus. Whatever Christ died for and that is still not experience in your life, by the Power of His resurrection today, shall be delivered to you in grand style.

What his resurrection offers

1 Cor 15:52, 42 Eph 2:6. We are raised to the realms of incorruptible. Any deadly habit targeting your destiny is destroyed in Jesus name.  I declare today, the end of the dominion of sin in your life. 1 Cor 15:43. Every weakness in your life, spiritual weakness, emotional weakness, is turned to power this morning. Matt 27:50-53.

It is what you believe that you are empowered to become. If you believe, you are out of your captivity today. Rom 8:11, Every dying part of your body, the power of his resurrection shall quicken your mortal body today. Right now, I decree your instant deliverance. By Apostolic verdict, I decree the end of sickness in your body. it is over forever.

Rev 5:12, the package of God to you. 2 Cor 8:9. I curse the root of poverty in your life. All the miracles come as God opens your eyes. May the Lord open everyone’s eyes to reality of your divine rights, your liberty on the earth. I declare, no more defeat. Every gang up of men to enforce defeat on your life is crushed today.

No more slavery, slavery to satan, agents to the devil. You belong to royalty not slavery. Dominion has been restored back to the church. When prophets explode, heaven responds. Every sentence of death on anyone today is cancelled. John 14:19. Because he lives, you shall live Heb 2:14-15. I command the fear of death in your life rooted out. Rev 1:18. No devil can take your life at will… because he lives I can face tomorrow. Sing along..

The battle over your life is declared over. Anyone been pursued by any agent of devil for destruction, that arrow returns back to the sender. No more record of accident, victim of witches in your home and every arrow of death targeted at you returns back to the sender.  I decree your own personal miracles by the power of His resurrection in Jesus name