Sunday Watch March 18th, 2018

Sunday Watch March 18th, 2018

In this Covenant day of Fruitfulness, Father, send my word of fruitfulness, let it come this morning. Let my own word that will terminate barrenness, that will terminate poverty. Let your word be poured upon me today. I celebrate your presence in this place. Psalm 127:1-5,

You have come to the company of breakthroughs, you will never breakdown in the name of Jesus. Your testimony shall become the envy of the king.

Ask God to rewrite your story today. Give him thanks. Father, draws us to himself to bless us. Every dry area in your life shall be turned to fruitful field. Everyone called impotent shall become fruitful today. Let your word locate each one and reposition us for a fruitful life. Every dry spiritual life shall become fruitful again in Jesus name.

We have been looking at Accessing Gods plan for your life from His BOOK. – from the bible we understand that every child of God has an enviable destiny. Gal 4:28. Redeemed to live an enviable life. You must refuse to live a pitiable life. You choose what you believe. What you believe is what you are empowered to become. Mark 6:5-6. God cannot go beyond our faith to reach us. What you don’t believe you are never permitted to experience. Luke 1:45. If you believe, everything pitiable will lose its grip on you. By this anointing today, you are set free. John 1:12,

Every step of your life will begin to provoke envy.

Number Two- You are redeemed the head and not the tail Mark 16.  Deut 28:13, Rev 5:10, Your dedication will guarantee your success. Dan 12:3. You don’t become a star as a fan, observer. You become a star by participating. There is no star commentator.

Number three: You have been redeemed to be feared and not to live in fear. Deut 11:25. We are the Joshua generation of Jesus. Any place you shall thread upon you shall be feared. Mark 16:15. Rev 5:5, John 20:21, Anyone who makes you their enemy has made God their enemy.

It is time for the world around you to fear you. To be fearless is to be ever victorious. Heb 2:11, You are redeemed a s fruitful vine, therefore, you cannot be barren. Isaiah 5: 1-3, 15. Psalm 128:1-3, John 15.1. Deut 7:14. Gal 3:29. No medical verdict can change you from fruitfulness. Every plague of fruitlessness is over in your life today.

Your right to fruitfulness. The Lord said…..

Gen 1:28, Isaiah 14:27, Your month has finally come. Your testimony month has finally arrived

What must I do to be fruitful

  1. Become a child of God and become a seed of Abraham. Deut 7:14. John 3:3
  2. Be committed to serving God. Exodus 23:25-26, Psalm 127:3, When you serve, God will bless. Every true steward here is declared fruitful today, fruitful in your body, works of your hands, fruitful in all area for you and no dry season. Psalm 89:34,
  3. Keep rejoicing in the lord. You must recover and sustain our joy in order to be fruitful Joel 1:12, Phil 4:4, Psalm 67:5-7. Deut 28:48, 1 Sam 1:18. Get out of depression and see God in action.
  4. HolySpirit empowers believers. Luke 1:35. Overshadowing power of the HolySpirit. Everything out of order shall be brought back to order. You are Gods priority for fruitfulness

Jer 1:5 Psalm 100:3, Gal 1:15, today marks the end of every unfruitfulness in your life. In the name of Jesus, today marks the end of your begging for babies because it is your father’s business. Therefore, your case is settled.

The anointing oil change your life Exodus 30, Mark 6:7, 13, David became a national hero as a teenager Isaiah 10:27, today the wickedness of the wicked against your destiny shall cease. Anointing oil is ordained to secure and sustain your liberty. Isaiah 32:15. The outpouring of the Spirit makes us supernaturally fruitful Psalm 92:10-14. Every siege of barrenness is destroyed in your life. Your dry business and career shall flourish again, every death appointment is cancelled today, every negative medical verdict concerning your fruitfulness is destroyed today Psalm 89:20-24