Sunday Watch March 11th, 2018

Sunday Watch March 11th, 2018

Covenant day of Vengeance

Jesus has given you power to silence your enemies.

No matter how you look, redemption has reposition you for a glorious destiny. You cant be lighted and still be tormented.

Gods word is the spiritual mirror that reveals Gods perspective of redemption. James 1:25 Matthew 8:17, The moment light is turned on darkness disappears, if this light enters you today, the darkness hovering over your life must disappear.

God wants you to live an overcomers life through the instrumentality of Faith. Eph 6:16. if you are born again and you engaged with the word of faith, victory shall be yours.

Matt 5:13-15 You are the salt of the earth… there is no dominion without illumination of the word.

Anyone who has held you hostage is declared a dead man today. Acts 13:12 Vengeance is the doctrine of the Bible. You cant win a war begging. You win a war by putting up a fight. Everything resisting your existence in life is visited by vengeance today.

By redemption, we are all uncursable. Numb 23:23, to every enchantment against your destiny returns on the head of the enchanter.

Invoke vengeance to every assault of the enemy Isaiah 8:18 ,  anyone that wont give up pursuing you will go down for you today.

By this proclamation every gang up against your life fall for your sake today. You are going to hear news this week.

Execution of vengeance is one way to silence the devil Exodus 22:23 , Psalm 7:9-13

Today Gods instrument will fight for you against your enemy. Every evil seed of the enemy tormenting your life disappears this day. It shall indeed be a dawning of a new day for you.

Every member of this commission will today be operating on Daniels frequency. Every form of corruption tormenting anyone here by the power of the blood gives up on your life today. The good news today is this, no more affliction in your life. Every battle against your settlement in life comes under vengeance today in Jesus name Amen.

The God of Elijah will strike in your favour. Forces resisting your fruitfulness shall be crushed this week. As the Lord liveth your fruitfulness are eternally irresistible