Sunday Watch June 3rd, 2018

Sunday Watch June 3rd, 2018

Welcome to Encounter to destiny Service. While others shall be crying there is a casting down, members of this commission shall be seeing a lifting up. As you engage with kingdom advancement, God will continue to decorate you supernaturally. The Prophetic focus for June 2018, is “The Supernatural is my new realm in redemption”

Celebrate this Awesome God this morning. Thank you Jesus.

This month of June shall be to you a month of Months. You shall be supernaturally visited. God will turn you supernaturally to an envy of your world. All mountain standing on your path shall all be cleared off this month. It shall be a month you shall be much remembered. I decree, your personal supernatural revival. Hab 3:19. You are getting up upon your high places. No one will have any reason to pity you. Gods new thing agenda shall come upon you.

For every partner of this commission, I decree your enthronement in return of your commitment. Your career and breakthrough destiny is released. Your marital destiny is released

When God is set to enthrone you no matter where you are, he will locate you. 1 Sam 16 :11. They got David from service because God enthrones servants. Get connected to serve because it is your highway to the throne.

John 3:8, everyone born of the Spirit is a supernatural being. A peculiar person. New birth makes you a bonafide Spirit being more dangerous than any witches or wizards. See, before this month is over God shall equip you to be a satan tormentor, a chartered satan tormentor. Luke 4:34, John1:5. I decree your instant deliverance.

Topic: Engaging the supernatural power of Love

How do we function in the realm? What are the proofs of the love of God in our lives.

Pursuit after souls for their salvation is the capital proof of the love of God. The confirmation of the word you receive, believe and obey that triggers the supernatural. John 21:5-6 , John 9:1-8, engaging with the word is what culminates in the supernatural. A quality engagement with the word.

Isaiah 60:1, we shine by light not by title or statures. John 21:15-17, Prove the sincerity of your love for God. Acts 13:48. John 3:16. Time, energy and resources is what you pay if you love God. Rom 8:35-38, 1 Cor 9:22, Acts 26:22,  Jude 23 whatever holding you shall set you free. You shall have a story to tell as you engage from today. 1 John 4:16. You will not struggle to make things happen.

When your love for God is perfected, you begin to operate with the divinity. The strongest proof of our love for God is witnessing. You become a wonder doing son and daughter of God. Love is a choice and not a gift. Matt 26:69-75

The HolyGhost solidify your love. Your choice must be powered by the Spirit, so we can stand at tough times. >When you are anointed and empowered, nothing can stop you.

Soul winning is Gods number agenda.

Acts 19:15, John 11:35-36. Today, the compassion of Jesus will change your story Matt 14:14, when we are moved with compassion toward the afflicted, the healing power will flow through us.

Some characteristics of Love

1 .Love is a failure proof virtue. Love ever fails. You will never smell failure, stagnation again in your life.

  1. Through love makes you indestructible Eph 3:17-19, Daniel 3:18,
  2. Love provokes supernatural breakthroughs Rom 13:10. No more breakdowns in your life
  3. Love empowers your dedication for Christ. Mark 4:30. Dedicated stewardship will guarantee honour from above. Shame and reproach will never be identified with you anymore Job 14:12-15, Job 42:10-12. Your change is coming, your double portion is on the way.

Champions are made out of challenges. Your challenge today becomes your testimony tomorrow. It is not unscriptural to be challenged, but anti scriptural to be defeated. Love makes you an eternal winner.

In this encounter with destiny which has become, my encounter is an adventure and not a destination John 14:12. We carry redemptive potential that has power to make us do the works that Jesus did and even greater.  We are justified by the blood of Jesus. Prov 4:18. It is a journey not a destination. Gen 13:14-15. As far as your eyes can see. Gal 3:29.

What you do not say, you can doubt it but what you have said, you cant doubt it. Every trace of the wicked against you will go back on their head today. No one here shall die young. No one here shall bury their children in the name of Jesus. Matt 11:11, 2 Cor 3:18, Gen 12:1-3, Gen 22: 18. The battle against your life is over. Be baptised with the HolyGhost. John 16:13-14. Your capacity to succeed is in the HolyGhost. Be spiritually sensitive. Remain in Love with God. Be a man and a woman of prayer. 1 Cor 2:9-10. You will not miss your place in destiny.