Sunday Watch May 27th, 2018

Welcome to the Covenant day of Resurrection. Psalm 47:1- 9, today shall answer for you in Jesus name. See, some people are sent on assignment to block your growth and cripple your potential like Sanballat and Tobiah in Nehemiah 4. But God is bigger than our distractors.

If God has been good to you. Give him thanks, Give Him Glory. For keeping you alive, give Him Thanks, For His provision and protection, give Him thanks. Thank you Jesus

People are likely to despise whatever they don’t understand. Be assured that whatever the enemy have stolen from you, my God will bring it back to you. The enemy will vomit it. John 10:10. Redemption carries restoration as a package

Rev 22:1-3, every month something drops from Heaven that is worthy of acknowledgment Psalm 3:5, Psalm 150:6 Forget not His benefits. One sickness can clear out all your savings in life. Therefore Forget not His benefits. It is wisdom to recount on monthly bases and appreciate God. To preserve your blessings. Malachi 2:2. to Multiply His blessings John 6:12. You murmur, you mess the blessing, you give thanks and you multiply the blessings and to perfect the blessings Luke 17:19. Practice and be restored. May everything that murmurs and complain in you die today.

Why you must commit to evangelism is to actualise Gods plan. Psalm 32:, you must be sensitive to divine purpose. Dan 12:3. When you don’t know the day of visitation, you will be ready for devastation. Zech 7:13. Luke 19:44, Prophets are Gods time keepers, 1 Chro 12:32.

Walking in financial dominion. Gen 12.2, you are blessed primarily to be a blessing to our world. Psalm 112:5, Every blessing has an assignment. With the blessings of God in your life, seek God first.

 Job 22:25. God defends his blessings when he delivers it to you. You are not permitted to feel the hit of the economy.

1 Kings 3:4, First thing Solomon did when he was enthroned was to sacrifice to God. You must be committed to covenant practise before you are financially blessed. Hag 1:3-11. There is a realm of enjoying without stress. A kingdom first mentality is the only way to get there.

The giving that works must have Kingdom expansion priority.

Gen 22:18, becoming a global bread winner. When heaven opens nothing on earth can stop it. People don’t get anywhere without doing something. You don’t sit down to shine, you take responsibility to shine

Understand your calling, commit to your calling and leave the rest to God. Don’t raise money, raise men. Your begging is over. Nobody should doubt your root. Start from where you are. You will keep changing levels working with Jesus. 1 Kings 17:12-13. Giving opens up your future. Whatever you don’t give willingly is wasted. Exodus 35:4-5. Vs 21. 2 Cor 8:12. May you receive grace to give willingly.

Give willingly, Give joyfully and Give cheerfully. Exodus 36:6. Phi 4:19

On this covenant day of restoration, restoration is Gods plan for us in redemption. John 10.10

Your health will be restored today, your honour, your glory, your lost year will be restored today. 1 Sam 30:8. You will recover all.

What must I do to be a beneficiary of Gods restoration agenda

  1. Be Born Again- Rom 6:23 You will recover your life back by becoming born again
  2. You must believe in your restoration rights because you are empowered to become what you believe. THE experience of every believer lies in his faith Jer 30:17. You cant be discourage if you can see the future.
  3. Be committed to serving God and the interest of His kingdom. 2 Chro 15:12-15, 19. Stay committed in zion. Psalm 132:13-16
  4. Continue to seek and pray for the wellbeing of others. Job 42:10. Job prayed for his mockers and God made him. Hosea 12:13