Sunday Watch June 17th, 2018

Sunday Watch June 17th, 2018

Welcome to covenant day of Enough is enough

Psalm 126.1-6, Your miracle shall come speedily. Breakthrough shall become your description.

As you engage with God, I see God decorating you with testimony that will make you the envy of many in the name of Jesus. Deut 8:18. Prove your remembrance of what God has done for you by your giving. May the window of Heaven open in your direction.

It is our expectation that set the pace for our manifestation. After today, no one will ever ask you where is your God. Every issue of mockery in anyone’s life shall be turned to a testimony of glory.

Everyone is leaving here today an entity of envy. The things that please God should be your greatest motivation in life. Luke 10:17-19. At your instant demons flee.

Love does not bow to the threat of death. 1 John 4:18. Your love gets to a point in Christ that your enemy knows. I decree an end to your fears today. God is the fire that consumes fire. Songs of Solomon 8:6. Rom 8:35. Acts 14:20, 1 John 4:16, Eph 3:19. Prov 23:26. Give your heart to Jesus. Troubles will tremble at your presence. Enough is Enough for ups and downs in your life”

ALL THINGS ARE WORKING TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD FROM TODAY. THANK YOU JESUS. This will become your testimony. Just go loving God and see God make all things work together for good for you. John 14:21

Everything troubling you will be trouble at your instant. Today any agent of the devil responsible for your situation shall give up today. They shall go down for you today. get thee behind me satan, Enough is enough. Your mockers will soon go into hiding.

Love is the channel through which the supernatural flows. As your love for Gods grows, the supernatural will flows. When you are committed to the pursuit of souls, we are enlisted into favour. Favour is the cure for all misfortune. Today marks the end of every misfortune on your life. You shall lack nothing. Psalm 102:13-15. May the anointing of today be fresh indeed on your life.