Sunday Watch June 25th, 2017

Welcome to supernatural turnaround banquet.

Psalm 78:1-7. God shall coronate you today

Matt 8:3 every manipulation of the enemy in any area of your life shall be dealt with today. All your special issues will answer to special miracles today. You will return a surprise to your world altogether. For every engaging member as the lord liveth, your season and time of enthronement is already here

Your open crowning is today.

Vital keys to unlocking the supernatural Part four

  1. New birth experience is fundamental requirement John 3:6-8, Be sure of your new birth statures. It is an experience and not an ideology. It is an encounter with Jesus.
  2. Unshakable faith in God and in His Prophet. Psalm 74:9-12. 2 Chro 20:20. Prophets are Gods agent of signs and wonders that wipes away shame and reproach of Gods people. There is a prophetic intervention for you today.
  3. Engaging the mystery of the Prophetic mantle. 2 Kings 2:14, 8. Somebody will move from troubles to the realm of celebration.

Everything troubling your destiny shall be trouble today. Everything harassing your destiny shall be judge today. Every grace upon this commission shall be transferred practically today.

It takes the lions heart, lions approach to have your lions share. You shall not suffer anymore affliction in your life. Acts 19:11-12. Hebrews 13:8

Psalm 45:8 prophetic word concerning the ministry of Jesus. Matt 14:36. You must receive the person and ministry of the prophet before you receive the mantle of that Prophet. Matt 10:41. By the encounter of today, every attack on your body will return back to sender.

Without a task you cannot be empowered. Psalm 63:1-2, Isaiah 55:1.

Engage in a soul tie with your Prophet 2 Kings 2:2,4,6,8.

Engage in a sonship ties with your Prophet. Not fatherhood of the tongue but fatherhood of the heart. The grace is released on your life. Prov 13:22.  2 Kings 2:12, 2 Kings 6:21 when your sonship is established the replication of the grace will show

From today the supernatural becomes your identity. Every of your weakness is translated to strength. Untimely death verdict is cancelled in your life. no devil has the capacity to terminate your life. Every spell on your life and family is cancelled in Jesus name.

Every battered destiny shall be recovered now.

Stay connected to maintain the flow. The mantle is a duplication and multiplication of grace. Every true son and daughter will return with the grace and virtue of this commission.

Expect sudden supernatural turnaround as you release your faith and you will be turned as a person of commanders of blessings. You will come out with fortune today. The same overnight God will turn things for you suddenly. Zephaniah 3:17-20.

Every of your shame shall be turned into fame today. Zephaniah 3:20. God will give you a name and a praise in all the earth.

Your been a part of this family marks the end of your private tears. All your private tears will be turned into public testimonies.

Every destiny tied down by the wickedness of the wicked is released today.