Sunday Watch July 2nd, 2017

Covenant day of family. Anything holding your family from moving forward shall be crushed. Therefore, let all the things that has breath praise the Lord.  Psalm 150:6

You are not permitted to live like destitute. Decree and declare, in this glorious month, I am a child of destiny

Our destiny is a destiny of wealth. Therefore, for every giver today, let the seed be multiplied

Every genuine encounter with the word is an encounter of destiny.

Teaching for the month: Unveiling the glorious destiny in life. Rom 8:29-30

God will restore to you double glory Isaiah 61:7-9, Isaiah 43:7, 2 Pet 1:3. we are called to glory and honour and you are not redeemed to shame or reproach. Isaiah 61:1-7.

Isiah 60:1 darkness shall not cover you. Revelation of the word empowers us to work in glory and honour. Today, whatever represents shame and reproach by the gangs of hell are shattered. Every negative impact of generational curse on any family here, I command them averted in the name of Jesus

Gen 26:14 they envied him because of the evidence. Gal 4:28. You are not redeemed to be pitied but to be envied.

1 Pet 2:9 we are redeemed unto royalty. Rev 5:9-10. We are to reign on the earth and not to be ruin Psalm 91:8. Today every generational curse is subdued today. Matt 5:14. You are redeemed for the top most top. Deut 28:1. When you obey God, you will get to the top

Every instruction guarantees a future. Every instruction to you secures your future. The cheapest way to disarm the enemy is obedience to God2 Cor 10:6

Jer 29:11 God has a plan for you, to give you a future and a hope. Your future is in Gods plan and not in your plan. Jer 1:5.

Isaiah 48:21  Psalm 23:1-6,  wonders accomplishes Gods purpose for your life. Hear this, not every open door is Gods door. Psalm 37:5, Isaiah 29:11-12. Acts 26, Joel 2:28, Nehemiah had passion. the passion burning inside you is the pointer to what God wants you to fulfil.

I see every struggle of your life come to an end.

On this covenant family day. Take note

By redemption your lineage has change 2 Cor 5:17. You have changed statures from sons and daughters of men to sons of God. John 1.12, Eph 2:19

Your destiny can no longer be grounded. Gal 3:13-14. The blessings of Abraham will replace every curse on your life. You have escape. Heb 2:3

The barrier of darkness can never stop the way against light. Darkness will give way to you. Every siege of darkness that is standing against your progress, today, I declare them shattered. Every close destiny I declare them reopened.

Many people are victims of darkness because of the absence of light. I decree, every gang up by the powers of darkness against your glorious destiny, I declare them shattered today. Numbers 23:23.

Gen 1.28 and God blessed the family. The family is ordained for blessings and not for curses. Exodus 20:3-5. Don’t serve other gods. Psalm 16:4, for your sake, your family lineage is rescued today Gen 45:5, Acts 10:22,44. You have escaped.

2 chronicles 15:12-13 make a covenant with God today. You will have a round about rest