Sunday Watch June 18th, 2017

Welcome to Covenant day of fruitfulness

“He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD” Psalm 113:9

Every barren area of your life is given way right now to supernatural fruitfulness. Psalm 65:4. Whatever represents a curse on any department of your life shall be reversed today. Every barren life shall become fruitful. Every barren career and business shall blossom and flourish in the name of Jesus

The supernatural is loaded on your inside. Isaiah 8:18

When you engage in Gods work, you have invested in your enthronement Heb 6:10. God is recording so as to reward you. Luke 22:25-27. When you serve you are promoted, when you continue to serve, you are enthroned.

How to operate and command the supernatural

  1. Be committed to a Life style of prayer and fasting. Luke 4:14-19. Psalm 63:1-2. Gods power commands his glory. Fasting is a platform for operating in the supernatural Matthew 6:17-18. Isaiah 58:8. It is prescribed for breaking yokes and for next level dominion. Exodus 4:17, Mark 16:20. May you live a stress-free life from today. Every revelation deliver to you is a tool to operate in the supernatural. Deut 8:18.
  2. Committed to engaging biblical mentality Rev. 5:9-10, You must possess a royal mentality. John 20:21, Rev 5:5. Prov 30:30, it takes Boldness to command the supernatural Acts 14:3. Whatever is proclaimed on your life today will be fulfilled like a dream of the night. Possess a lion’s mentality. Dan 11:32, Prov 23:7, Ecc 8:4.
  3. Be Committed to serving God and the interest of His kingdom. Mark 3:14, Mark 16:20. Everyone on the go for Christ and after souls is ordained for signs and wonders. John 12:26. It secures honour from above for you. John 36:11. Your obstacles shall turn to miracles.

Revelation and how to access it will silence any devil. You are redeemed to be fruitful. Deut 28:4. There are many barren destinies but today every barren destiny will blossom again. Every womb shall be fruitful. Every barren business shall be restored.

Gen 1:27-28. Man is created for fruitfulness. YOUR FRUITFULNESS IS IRREVERSIBLE. Every fibroid shall be turned to a fine boy. Luke 1:36-37. Every negative verdict against your fruitfulness is cancelled now

What must I do to be permanently fruitful

  1. Be spiritual- Rom 8, Psalm 1:1-3 James 1:7 Deut 7:14. Be born again
  2. Be committed to serving God. Exodus 23:25-26 Psalm 127:3, Heb 13:8. I declare you fruitful today
  3. Rejoice in the Lord always- Joel 1:12. Until your joy is in place, your fruitfulness is not in view. 1 Sam 1:18, 1 Thess 5:16. It takes joyfulness to experience fruitfulness

Psalm 100:3-4 The yoke of barrenness is destroyed in your life today. Psalm 139:14, Jer 1:5, God is your baby maker you cannot be a baby beggar.