Sunday Watch June 11th, 2017

Welcome to the special healing service. Jeremiah 30:17-22. You shall not miss your empowerment

Prov 11:25

What we see is what determines what becomes of us. See I have made thee a god unto Pharaoh Exodus 7:1, Amos 1:1, John 3:8. You are redeemed a sign to your world

Three vital keys for operating in the supernatural.

  1. Commitment to developing our faith. It is what establishes our command to the supernatural. The level of faith that works in us is what determines our level of command. John 14:12
  2. We must be committed to engaging biblical mentality Prov 4:23. Prov 23:7. Many of you are running from the devil that is why he is pursuing you. David pursued the lion and the lion took to his heels. It is time to pursue the forces that pursued you. Eph 2:6, Eph 1:20-21. That spirit of infirmities tormenting you leaves you now. Isaiah 55:9
  3. Commitment to serving God and the interest of his Kingdom. Daniel 6:20-21. Mark 16:20. You are empowered to experience the supernatural. Matt 6:33. Membership is not enough, it takes partnership to function in the supernatural. You will not run out of miracle working with God. John 3:2. Acts 10:38. Active partnership with Jesus empowers to operate in the supernatural naturally.

You are not redeemed a prayer project, you are redeemed a solution provider.  I announce, your command level will be enhanced and established. When you become an eagle believer you can locate anything.

Your level of command is your level of commitment to serving God

How to access instant healing

Matt 8:3, Matt 20:34, Mark 2:12, Luke 8:44. Whatever is tormenting you and afflicting drops off you immediately. Luke 9:6, Matt 4:23, Matt 10:1, Matt 8:16. That spirit of infirmities leaves you today. Matt 12:15. Jesus healed them all

John 5:21, John 11:15, John 5:25. Today, you shall experience the raw ministry of instant healing. Whatever has been called incurable, today is your day of rescue

The price has been paid. Matt 8:17, Isaiah 40:1. John 5:22, Matt 28:18. Today is your day of liberty.

Every afflictions are the powers of the works of darkness. Today sickness and disease is terminated in your life.

It is Jesus compassion that moves him to heal us Lamentations 3:22-23. Matt 14:14

Whatever remains a but on your health, todays marks the end forever. Luke 13:11,16,