Sunday Watch July 9th, 2017

Welcome to covenant day of vengeance and vengeance shall answer for you

Psalm 23 :1-6, this week shall be to every partner a mountain of enthronement.

2 Cor 8:9. Thank God for the privilege of being a sower, a giver in his presence. To every tither your blessings shall remain open and your seed shall multiplied

Whatever wont let you must go for you today. The vengeance of God must answer to your favour. The wicked will be force to give up.

Acts 20:32. It takes revelation to take possession. Pray that God will open your eyes. 2 Peter 1:3.

Teaching outline for the month: Unveiling your glorious destiny in Christ.

Rom 8:30.. our redemption is for glorification.

We can access it through the word of God.. Isaiah 29:11-12, Mark 4:11, Hab 2:1-3, Prov 29:11, Matt 6:33.

We are redeemed to work in dominion. Eph 2:6, Eph 1:20-21. Prov 24:14.

Redemption establishes your peculiarity. Rev 5:10, Rev 22:16, John 17:18 you are redeemed a star among men and no devil will swallow your star.

Develop your faith. Heb 11:34, Eph 6:16

Be committed to harvest of souls. Dan 12:3. Your star shall breakforth.

Working in the light of God is working in dominion. Psalm 119:130  John 1:5

Ecc 8:11 today we shall pass sentence on the activities of the wicked in your life. Every sentence shall be executed speedily. Everything harassing you in any area of your life, the arrows will return to them full force. Exodus 11:1.

Exodus 12:12. Anything making a mockery of your glorious destiny in Christ shall be smitten today. Isaiah 63:4. Your year has come.

Romans 12 :19  Isaiah 49:24-26  Your enemies shall see God in action. Fire is burning.

Exodus 12:31, captives shall be turned to celebrities. Luke 21:15, your mouth is a weapon of war Psalm 81:11. 13. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Isaiah 53:7. It takes an open mouth to enjoy an open destiny. Say now every force bewitching my destiny I declare them dead

Isaiah 54:14, 17. You must open fire on the camp of your enemy.  Any agent of the devil mocking your destiny is entitle to a curse today. God will confirm every curse you will pass today. Gen 12:3. Anyone cursing is invoking the curse of the Lord upon themselves.