Sunday Watch July 23rd, 2017

In this Covenant day of favour, you will have destiny encounter with Gods word resulting in all-round favour Psalm 47:1-7

The company you keep determines what accompany you. Therefore, whatever has stop working in your life shall start working from today.

From today everything good will start working in your life.

Whatever is pushing you to remain in the valley is broken today in Jesus name. you will never stop to see the marvels of God

Rev 5:5 we never prevail as a sheep we prevail as a Lion. Psalm 100:3. We are custodians of Gods secret

If you don’t speak to situations you will never get solution Psalm 81:11,14

Destiny of health and vitality in Christ. From today the harassment of sickness and disease is over in your life. Isaiah 53:4-5 Acts 10:38  1Peter 2:24

Matt 8:17, 3 John 1:2, Eph 5:23, Jesus is our redeemer from sickness and disease. Every stranger ravaging your system in sickness and disease, today I decree an end to the assault of the wicked. John 14:9, Exodus 15:26

Isaiah 11:1-2 whatever the source of your weakness are, you are free forever.  Eph 3:16. I decree that your system be totally released from the assault of the wicked.  Rev 5:12

Strength is your right in Christ. Vigour is your heritage in the kingdom. The end has come to the devil.

How do we manifest our health and vitality

  1. Keep feeding on the word: 2 Pet 1:4. Divine nature is immune to sickness and diseases. Psalm 119:130. Neh 8:10, Jer 15:16.
  2. Speak healthy words. Whatever you say you possess. Prov 18:21 Mark 11:23 Joel 3:10. What you say determine what you see. What you don’t declare, God cannot confirm. Acts 14:3. Your health package is valid till eternity. Psalm 18:45
  3. Embrace godliness as a lifestyle. John 5:14, Mark 2:5
  4. Keep serving God in truth and in love Exodus 23:25-26
  5. Be committed to helping the poor, the sick, the downtrodden. Psalm 41:1-3.

The master key to a world of favour

Psalm 45:12 favour is never free. Favour has to be provoked or it never manifest. Acts 2:38. Matt 3.15. Favour makes specific demands on those who desire to have them.

Key One: serving God and the interest for his kingdom entitles you to an unending flow of favour. Mat 6:33. Job 36:11, Psalm 102:13-15. Heb 12:22-23, to win the heart of God, go after his work. You will never run out of favour again in your life

Luke 2:49, 52 Jesus increased in wisdom and favour. When you are after your fathers business, you end up having favour with God and man.

Luke 2:37 in the name of Jesus, your life will never run out of favour again. Psalm 23:6.

One encounter with favour is worth more than all your effort. Favour is what decorates destiny. Stay committed. Favour is the cure for misfortune, you will never suffer any misfortune again

Prov 18:22 favour covers miracle marriages. Covers miracle babies. Luke 1:30-31,35 Everybody call barren, your miracle children are now released.  Exodus 23 :25 Job 36:11 everyone for miracle jobs receive them now in the name of Jesus