Sunday Watch July 30th, 2017

“God is never late, He may come later in grand style, that makes you the latest wonder” DrCI

Encounter with destiny service.

Psalm 103:1-5.

In this last Sunday of July, You will enjoy all round favour

Concluding teaching series, Unveiling your glorious destiny in Christ.

We don’t have a gloomy destiny but a glorious destiny Rom 8:30

Acts 20:32 what you can see, you can access. 2 Pet 1:3. You will never see shame in your life. Our destiny is Gen 26:14. Philistines shall envy you. No one will have an opportunity to pity you again. Gal 4:28, You have greater potential than men and women in the old testament Matt 11:11. The end of pity, the end of stagnation has finally come in your lif

We are redeemed as Priest to reign on earth. 1 Pet 2:9. More than a conqueror. You will not struggle with life but triumph. Today must mark the end of all struggles. Eph 2:6. Salvation raises you far above oppression and uncertainty Eph 1:20-21. You will not struggle to make things happen.

From today, everything about and around you shall keep working in your favour

Isaiah 54:14. You shall be far from oppression. Every satanic oppression working against your glorious destiny is declared over forever.

What are the keys to living and more than a conqueror

  1. Be born again. 1 John 5:4
  2. Be filled with HolySpirit. Your insight to the word is limited and need the Holy Spirit. 2 Cor 2:14, John 16:12-13. He is our defence in battle Isaiah 59:19. You must be filled with the Holyghost to live more than a conquerors life. Acts 2:38. Ensure you are baptise in the HolyGhost. Matt 3:11, if you believe now, you will be baptise in the Holyghost. Tell God to baptise you today. Acts 2:4. You must be filled with the Holyghost to be more than a conqueror.
  3. You must stay in love with God. Rom 8:28. You must have a genuine heart for God. 1 Cor 13:8. Love and stay in love. The day you give up on the pursuit of God, you will start going down. You will laugh at last. 1 John 4:16. The love of God makes you a carrier of divine presence. Psalm 114:1-7. Battles don’t wait for you, battles clear the way for you. The presence of light is the destruction of darkness. Eph 3:17-19. The deeper your love for God, the higher your divine content and the more conqueror you will be become.
  4. Continue to engage the force of faith. Heb 11:33-34, continue to build your faith. Jer 15:16. I have a capital calling of faith in my life. If you don’t build your faith, you will crash. Bishop David said “I have read 39 biographies of great ministry” Jude 1:20 psalm 119:18 when you eat faith book, you will do faith things.
  5. Engage the power of the tongue in warfare. Luke 21:15. Prov 18:21. Psalm 81:10-14.  Open your mouth wide if you must live more than a conqueror. the failure you speak is the failure you see. The conquest you don’t speak with confidence, you will never experience.
  6. Engage the power of light. Isaiah 60:1-3 Psalm 119:130, John 1:1-5
  7. Continue to take pleasure in promotion and advancement of the things and kingdom of God. Job 36:11, Matthew 6:33

Encounter of destiny  Prov 4:18.  2 Cor 3:18. Expect another chapter to be open in your life. Isaiah 29:11. Heb 10:7 there is a volume of book concerning each of us. You shall not be at the same spot again. I have a destiny that is in form of a book but with unending chapter. God is here to open a new chapter in your life

Gen 26:2

Three major ways to encounter destiny

  1. Through a raw encounter with God. He will show up raw Malachi 3:6. He came down to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 2 Tim 2:13.
  2. Through a heavenly vision. Acts 26:19, 1 Kings 3:3-13, Gen 32:28.
  3. Through the Revelation of the word. turning logo to rhema. Deut 8:18. No devil in hell can stop you

You must be spiritual to have encounter with God 1 Cor 2 :14. You must be prayerful Jer 33:3, Luke 9:29-31. Psalm 16:11,  You must be spiritually sensitive. Rev 1:10. Sensitive to every divine signal from heaven. John 15:15, 1 Cor 2:9-10. Remain committed to kingdom advancement program. Rom 4:20. remain at peace with god and with yourself. Phil 4:6. Anxiety is the proof of doubt. You must rejoice in the lord always Phi 4:4