Sunday Watch from Bishop TD Jakes

Nuggets from listening to one of my mentors. Todays On going service with Bishop TD Jakes as I prepare for operation 30-30 Day 6
“Effort without impact is nothing. Your greatest storm will break out when you are closest to your greatest impact. God uses the foolishness of the Gospel to mesmerize the intellect of the time.
Faith is the commerce of the Spirit. Faith is in the spirit world what money is in the natural.
If you believe God, it is counted as righteousness.
The more you expose yourself the more God reveals. When you a sinner there is no war. The war and the conflict begins when you choose to become righteous.
The power is in the mind, but the problem is in the flesh. Your human nature does not want to live a holy life.
Consider these three words: Conviction, conversion and condemnation. Your conviction are results of what you are expose and persuaded to. Conviction is progressive.
Devil wants you to end the way you started but thank God for change. The greatest gift of knowing God is that change can happen to you.
Change in the church is conversion. Conviction leads to conversion. You cannot convert someone who is not convicted.
Conversion creates conflict. If you don’t convert your environment you will always be in conflict. The conviction comes to convert me but not to condemn me. Jesus came in and there is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus”.

2 Cor 1:10 he has delivered, he is delivering and he shall deliver

Praise God tonight because he has set us free. 11:30pm