Sunday Watch January 24th, 2016

In this fourth Sunday of the month of January and the year 2016, it shall be your week of total refreshing and every shame shall come to an end

Every believer is ordained a soul winner John 15:16. Every child of God has a ministry 2 Cor 5:20-21. Therefore, God will do everything for you including speedy fulfilling of prophecy

Soul winning is not a calling but a commandment John 15:2, Act 1:8. Luke 15:10, Matthew 16:26. When you are involved in it, God will pay anything in response

God specialises in taking people from the dunghill and placing them in the palace.

God who sees us in secret will reward us in open Matt 6:16-18. Every of your secret investment of prayer and fasting towards the Kingdom advancement shall be openly rewarded

Soul winning empowers our access to realm of supernatural supply Luke 22:35. Beginning from now, every one that entertains this vital kingdom key will suffer no more lack in your life.

When God kingdom occupies your life, God takes over the issue concerning you.
Soul winning make stars of believers. Prov 11:30, Daniel 12:3

You will emerge a star without struggle when you align yourself to God Prov 14:28, 1 Sam 2:30. When you honour Jesus, you have committed Him to honour you. Your enemies will be silence in shame.

There is a spirit of Glory 1 Pet 4:14. Mockery is the highway to the glory.
Jer 30:20-21. God turns riff rats into Kings. When you are a part of the multiplication you have qualified yourself to the glorification

This year is ordained to mark the end of your struggles for life.
If you cant preach you can testify, because to testify is to tell your story. From today, as you connect to this commandment, the end has come to all your struggles. Zechariah 8:23

Psalm 112:2-3 when your fruits abide, you have committed God to fight your battles
Acts 13:34

Your year has finally come. All your mockers will go hiding this year. Your miracle child will arrive this year. Your miracle job will be delivered to you this year (Gen 26:12-14)