Wednesday Encounter -Daddy Uma Ukpai Jan 27th, 2016

You have been called to a life of greatness but any man who wants to be great must first overcome his weakness. No man can lead others who cannot lead himself. Whatever will disgrace you someday, you must disgrace it now.

It takes a living conscience to admit where you have gone wrong.

Only a great man agrees where the bull has knocked him down

No man is a failure until he begins to blame others for his failure 1 Sam 15:9-12, 20-21 1 Sam 16:14.

The most sensitive job to do under the sun is to be a preacher. Until you can take care of your emotional weakness, satan will bind you.

Samuel did not broadcast the downfall of Saul. Only the enemies of God will rejoice that King Saul failed. Every Pastor is another mans servant. Here me, It is Gods favour that will determine how far you will go in life Psalms 30:5

Only Gods favour will determine your attainment and your achievement. Therefore, don’t look down on any body

You have the potential to shine like 10,000 stars and this night, I announce no man born of a woman can stop you.

Don’t let others define who you are, don’t let those who hate you destroy you. Let those who love you encourage you and help you become a great person. Among those who hate you there are those who love you and the I announce that the voice of those who love you will drown those that hate you John 1:12

The anointing will teach you where the boundaries are, 1 John 2:27. When you are alone with the Holy Spirit and engage Him and engage His services, he will show you what to do to become a great man. Therefore, You cannot fail

It is not what anybody says about you that matters but your own opinion to what they say. This your mouth can open doors and can also close doors but I declare, your own mouth shall open doors for you

John 14:12. You need only one qualification to do greater works than Jesus. Believe Him- when you do you will speak miracles into existence

By my spoken word tonight, you will become the commander of your circumstances. You will become the creator of your circumstances and not a victim.

God does not create an ungifted person. Whatever you are passionate about is where your gift is, sell it to people and you will be blessed
If you love what you do, what you do will take care of you Mark 1:40

Passion persuades those who can help you. As you show humility before God and man, you are going to persuade people to help you.

Your weakness has a way of writing your history. The greatest enemy you have on your way to your greatness is your weakness. Ask God for the Spirit of Holiness Rom 1:4

Never compare yourself to anybody because you can overtake them tomorrow. And comparison leads to depression and unhappiness. God will bless you with or without your people.

Unforgiveness and anger can prevent you from good sleep. Forgive those who hurt you and you will be on your way to greatness and a life that command attention

1 Kings 11:4, 31 Tonight, tell God to turn your weakness into strength.

Excuses will make you a failure and a senor sinner. There must be love in our homes, you don’t wait for your partner to be perfect. You must love unconditional

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