Sunday Watch August 8th, 2017

Today is Special healing service

In this first Sunday of August, expect your healing.

Psalm 121:1- 8

You are the next to be announce globally. You have been empowered to the throne and no devil will dethrone you. Anytime you appreciate God in thanksgiving, you have committed God to perfect your enthronement. Continue to exhibit royal behaviour, royal steps and you shall be an improvement of your past generation. It will be clear to all your mockers that you are not serving God in vain. May the blessings of the Father stick to you all your life.

Prophetic focus for August 2017

“I will bring you health and cure”. Message from Jeremiah 33:6-7. It is a month of total restoration of health to every member.

You are here to be blessed, to be decorated, to be restored and for your breakthrough. What do you desire today. Jesus will sort you out for free. Your healing is not escaping today.

You are long overdue to receive your healing and stop wasting your resources, in the name of Jesus your heritage of divine health must be perfected this month.

To every online worshipper, the healing virtue is flowing to you right now.  What afflict others is not permitted to afflict me. Exodus 15:26. Everything afflicting the world around you and trying to add you to the list, I decree your escape in Jesus name. You are entering your season of health and wholeness.

Our series Unveiling our heritage of total health in Christ.  according to Rom 11:33, sickness and disease shall find no place in your family

When the light of the word breaks forth, our health springs forth Isaiah 58:8. Gods word is loaded with healing virtues. You only need to believe. Answer the faith question. Matt 9:28. Your healing is not according to the source of the sickness or report from doctor but according to your faith in God, in His word and in his Prophet.

Luke 8:50- no irreversible case with faith. Don’t let no doctor complicate your life. Mark 5:36

Believe in the validity of Gods word regarding health and wholeness.

Psalm 119:130. Whatever humiliates your body drop off you today. 1 Cor 11:30. I curse the root of sickness and disease in your life. This month will be a month you will never forget in a hurry.

What is in the word of God that heals

Gods word is medicinal, it carries cure virtues. John 6:63. Quickening virtue in the word is released in our body. Matthew 8:8, 13. John 11:38-43. Lazarus was dead and stinky but the word brought him out.

Faith is not a risk but unbelief is a risk. Dan 3:28. Luke 8:43, your money should not be used for sickness. Job 33:21-25, somebody is getting restoration today. You are returning back to total health.

The word is also surgical. To remove the unwanted and fix the required. John 1:1, Gen 2:21-22. Heb 4:12 God is master surgeon. Luke 13:11. You are free at last and you are free forever. Gen 13:15.

Mal 3:6

Gods word is creative. Gen 1.1. Expect the creative power of God. Acts 3:7-16. Luke 5:17. The healing power resides in the word Luke 6:17-19, Matt 8:16-17, Prov 4:20-22. Your heritage of health is released right now. 2 Peter 1:4.