Sunday Watch Feb. 11th, 2018

Sunday Watch Feb. 11th, 2018

Special Communion service

Psalm 87:1-7.

Favour shall answer in everyone’s life today.

Gateway to realms of Noiseless Breakthrough. The moon does not sweat to show up. No one will see your sweat again. Your breakthrough shall be undeniable. These blessings come by subscribing to every commandment of the scriptures. Matt 5.14-16. John2:5 Breakthrough with dignity, breakthroughs you can testify of. Deut 28:1-13. When you come Gods way, he will change your story

Grace to align with the commandment, receive it now in Jesus name. Matt 6.33, Gen 22:1, Gen 12. Nobody changes class without a test. Every test you ignore makes you to remain in the same class. May we receive grace to always pass the test of obedience to whatever Jesus said.

Two winning commandments

John 15:15-16 soul winning s the most profitable kingdom assignment. The value of a soul is more than the wealth of the whole world. Matt 16:26 Luke 15:1-7. Soul winning is every believer’s ministry. 2 Cor 5:17-20. Soul winning changes your levels without you knowing.

Number two.  1 John 5.3, Rom 8:28 all things shall work for your good as you obey God. No matter where you are, as you obey God, you are on your way to enviable realm 1 Cor 2:9 1 Sam 13:14, Psalm 118:46, don’t see yourself as serving the church, see yourself as serving Christ by obeying his commandment. Your crown no man shall take. Every soul winner is a fisher of men Matt 4.19. Matt 17:26-27. John 4.36 Your real wages is enlistment as a soul winner others are extra. You are not a volunteer but in service and entitled to things money cannot buy. Luke 22:32-35. Your passion for soul will connect you to the realm of lack nothing. Luke 10:19.

Anybody fighting you where you are on the go for Jesus will pay for it. “Nothing by any means shall hurt you” God will stand to your defence.

The blessings of soul winning covers everything you will ever need. Bear much fruit and bear much fruit bearing glorifies God.  John 15:8, Jer 30:19-21. God changes your level supernaturally. Daniel 12:3. Turning many turns you to a star forever and ever. It decorates destiny and brings the glorify of God in you out. The good news is the end has come to your struggle in life. You have entered to the realm of supernatural favour.

Prov 11:30. Prov 8: 15-16 soul winning makes Kings of believers. Prov 13:20, Mark 16:20, I see crowns about to land on your head. Soul winning makes wise. All your mockers will soon see you enthroned. They will be there at your coronation.

Soul winning is a covenant gold mine. Luke 18.28-30. Matt 19:27-29. Every investment makes towards kingdom advancement entitles you to hundredfold blessings and life everlasting. Mark 3:14, Luke 10.1. in the name of Jesus, the wonders of soul winning shall become manifest open in your life.

Soul winning empowers believers for dominion. Luke 10:17, Jesus gave power to dominate your world. Luke 10:19. God will change your spiritual level in this operation.

Two things money cannot buy.

Soul winning stimulates Joy- no genuine soul winner ever gets depressed. Luke 15:7, Gal 6:7, heavenly joy money cannot buy it. Depression is a destroyer of destiny. But a soul winner will never be depressed. You cannot be harvester and not be rejoicing.

Health is another blessing of a soul winner. John 15:2, Exodus 23.25. Prov 13:17. In the name of Jesus, every disease call terminal is terminated and curse from the root today.

Today is our special communion service, the very zeal that consumes Jesus will consume you and I. Expect to be healed on every attack on your health. Expect to be free from every satanic assault. You will be living and praying like Christ from now. Luke 11:2. Every of your desire will be deliver like a dream of the night. 1 Tim 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9. From this communion, I decree your prayer life will be kingdom priority prayer life and every other need of your life shall be supplied without struggles.