Sunday Watch Feb. 4th, 2018

Sunday Watch Feb. 4th, 2018

Special Thanksgiving service

Father we are here today to say thank you. You have done all things well. We celebrate you our King of Kings, the Awesomely Awesome God. Lord, let your word of wisdom, healing, knowledge come in a greater dimension to liberate your people in Jesus name Amen

Psalms 47:1-9, God will choose your inheritance for you this day.

Prophetic focus for February 2018: Obedience: Gateway to realms of noiseless breakthrough. Obedience of Faith will always commit God to perform. Receive, believe and Obey Gods word. May you be endured with the Spirit of obedience.

Look for a seed to use today to just say Father, thank you for keeping me alive. I may not have all the answers to life, but I am here today to say thank you. Let my seed command my blessings in Jesus name

“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15. Every bearer of good tidings is blessed. We are in raw evangelism and you must ask God to enlist you. Be a Partner. Support the onGround and Online evangelism and see God in action. Challenge God and He will show up.

God has packaged your new dawn experience for 2018. The requirement is to engage and obey God and watch God displace your mockers. This year will answer to you beyond your widest imagination. You are the next star that is rising in this commission. Support this commission. You are the next number one in your field. Welcome to Operation take your territory for Christ 2018. Prov 11:24.

Thank God for launching you into February with a mission and a purpose. This year shall be a News making year for every member of this commission.

Obedience is the gateway to the fulfilment of our glorious destiny in Christ.  Deut 28:1-13, Exo 14:15, Exo 16:35, Psalm 105:37, John 5:30, John 8:29, where our obedience stop is where our blessings and rising stops.  1 Sam 15:22, Obedience is better than every other spiritual sacrifice. May the grace for tireless obedience be released unto you today.

Gen 22:2, Obedience is your choice. The race that makes news makers have started but embrace obedience and you will get there. If you don’t have time for God, how do you expect God to have time for you. Psalm 55.17, Psalm 119:97, Psalm 34:1. My prayer is that your struggles must end this year.

When you live all out for God, you don’t need human hand to scale heights. Dan 11:32. Luke 4:46. A Lordship will be manifested when you work in obedience. Phil 2:8, Obedience is the ultimate requirement for the fulfilment of your ultimate destiny. Luke 5.4-7, Matt 6:33, Favour comes to you when you obey God. Psalm 102:13-15. God unleashed his favour on Solomon by obedience.

When we obey the law of tithing, you enter into supernatural fortune. Obedience may be costly but the end result is priceless.

Jon 2:8. Every commandment of the scripture is for our profit is our teaching series for this month. John 2.10. In the name of JESUS, better days are ahead of you and no devil will make you miss it.

Matt 6:33. Seek first the kingdom and every other thing shall be added to you. You cannot make God first and be last in life. 1 Kings 17:13-15. 2 Chro 15:12-15,19. You are the next person to have rest all about. Your struggles must end this year.

In your career, home, market, business, no more war. Haggai 1:7-8 Your season of no more war is finally here. Ecc 11.6, Gen 26:12 Isaac sowed in the land and harvested that same year. May this be your hundredfold year. Gal 6:7. Let your heart engage with God.

Exod 23:25. You will never beg again in your life. Your generation after you will never beg again.

You can get healed by Faith but you stay healthy by service. John 15:16, when you are after soul, you are entitled to healthy living. This year marks the end of your struggles, poverty and disease. Job 36:11