Sunday Watch Feb. 18th, 2018

Covenant day Breaking Generational curses service

What others have not seen or hear shall be the order of the day in my life this year.  Let every curse be broken this morning by the hammer of Gods word and by his fire. Jesus we celebrate you in Jesus name. Psalm 126:1-6 Ecc 3:14, 2 Thess 1:6, Father recompense tribulation to all that trouble the peace and progress of our nation. Place a demand on the throne of Grace this morning. Anyone who has chosen to stand against the will of God, whoever does not want our nation to have peace shall not see peace.

Expect your engagement to result in enthronement this year. As you invest in this commission. Every of our secret giving shall be openly rewarded. 2 Cor 9:7. As you give cheerfully, You will never lack testimony in Jesus name

In this breaking generational curse service, let no curse survive the power of Gods word today in Jesus name. Series teaching for the month: Obedience: Gateway to realms of noiseless breakthrough. Luke 5:6. Most of the times, we are victims of our disobedience. John 2:7. 1 Sam 15:22. Obedience makes our venture in the kingdom colourful, where obedience stops is where your blessings stops. Deut 28:1-13 All the blessings provoked by our obedience to His commandments. Our future is in obedience, May everyone here receives afresh the outpour of the spirit of obedience Ezekiel 36:27, Matt 11:28-29, Deut 30:19. Your lot is a product of choice

Part three teaching: Every Obedience is for your profiting:  Every commandment is absolutely for your good. Kingdom advancement prayer commandment. Matt 6:9-10. Isaiah 66:7-8, 1kings 18:39, James 5:7, 16, Daniel 3:29-30, Daniel 6:25-26, The King became an Evangelist through Daniels prayer. Dan 6:10. Everyone engaging today, the proofs will always be all around you tomorrow. Ezekiel 36:37, 1 Tim 2:4, 2 Pet 3:9, Matt 25:41

Acts 4:29, Acts 6:4-7 Kingdom advancement prayer will keep advancing the engaging believer. Gal 4:19 the multitude requires prayer to be establish Col 4:12. Prayer will bring you in and prayer will keep you in. for the word to keep flowing we have to keep praying. Eph 6:18. Church growth can only be sustained by prayer. Receive grace for the fervency of engagement and tireless prayer. Jer 3:15-16. Knowledge and understanding in prayers will bring continuous increase and multiplication Jer 30:19, Acts 6:7. We must invoke the multiplication agenda of God Deut 1:11. Take advantage to serve God and the world will celebrate your testimonies.

Supernatural favour is a result of fervency of Prayer Matt 6:33, Psalm 102:13-15. Expect the release of fearful favour on your life and it shall locate you this year

Supernatural change of statures is a result of fervency of Prayer  Neh 1:1-11, Neh 5:14. There are many people here that will be elevated that will make them shear tears of joy. You shall sing a new song.

Wiping away shame and reproach is a result of fervency of Prayer   Prov 14:28, 1 Sam 12:30 Zephaniah 3:17-19. An end has come to every issue of shame and reproach in your life

Generational curses are real but the good news is that they are reversible Exodus 20:4-5. Every siege over your life, your career, your family are declared over today. Every root of untimely death in your family finally today.

Therefore, to be free from curses, come under the blessing of God because no one bless by God can be cursed by man or devil Numbers 23:8,20. When God blesses you no witches or wizard can reverse it. You cannot be blessed by God and cursed by the devil. How to come under the blessing is to serve God. Exodus 23:25

1 Cor 9:10. You are a partaker of hope. Serving God is the custodian of your blessings. Every trace of curse around your life is declared broken today in the name of Jesus.

Enter into a covenant to make serving God a lifestyle. Joshua 24:15. Gen 12:3. As you get free today, every curse placed on your life returns back to sender.  Isaiah 54:15

Serving God is your security, your insurance, anybody that attempt your life will pay for it with his or her life. Those who are waiting for you to die, you will read their obituary. Job 36.11, Exodus 4: 22-23. Whatever wont let you go, serving God must go for you.

After this anointing, anyone that wont let you go, goes down for you. Every spell tormenting any aspect of your life shall be destroyed today. Exodus 30:30-31. We are anointed to serve the interest of the anointer. Matt 10:1. Luke 9:1-2, 6. You are not anointed to sit but anointed to go. May this anointing change your service level. Luke 4:14, Eph 4:4-5, Isaiah 42:1-4.

It is your new dawn year, so vengeance must answer will visit the camp of your enemies