Sunday Watch Dec. 17th, 2017

John 6:49-58. In this Holy communion service, God will perfect that which concerns you.

Your own testimony shall become the envy of the King like Obed-Edom

Spirituality secures destiny. Spiritual is the custodian of your destiny and how to secure eternity.

Overcoming forces that stands against fulfilment of prophecies. Rom 4:20. Isaac came as a result of Abrahams faith. He was stable, he was strong. Songs of Solomon 2:15. Examine minor ways that block the blessings of God in our life. Every prophetic word speak loudest at the end. Ezekiel 37:1-5. Whatever remains for your case to be openly different shall be manifested today. in the name of Jesus, there shall be no carry over. Gal 6:7-9.

Don’t be weary in investing spiritually. Don’t sell off your destiny. Remain steadfast and see Gods plan come true in your life. Endure to the end. You will see prophecies fulfil after the order of Abraham. It does not matter who is mocking me I will remain there. Whatever remain as balance for your own package shall be fully realized. Martha felt Jesus was not interested in Lazarus case but Jesus said I am not late. Anytime I come, the answer comes. Whatever may have refuse answer to your case comes to past this time.

  1. Beware of evil heart of Unbelief. Luke 22:32. Your faith is your greatest defence. Heb 3:12. Where your faith stops, is where the hand of God stops. Beware of surrendering on your faith by the enemy. Hab 2:3. Faith is of the heart. Rom 10:10. Heb 4:2. Faith in the heart is the faith that works. God never lies. 2 Tim 2:13. Ensure your faith is intact, strong and unshakeable that will commit Gods integrity to perform his word in your life. Luke 1:45. Gods word shall come to pass in your life. Keep feeding your faith with the word of Faith. There is no divine agenda that considers the devil, it is where you give him that he occupies Heb 10:38. Where your faith stop is where Gods pleasures stops.eph 6;6
  2. Beware of the scourge of hopelessness. Job 14:7-9, 1 pet 1:3, Ecc 9:4, as long as you are joined to divine, the life of divine shall surge to you. Your future is secured. Whatever looks like shame in anyones life will not cross over with you to next year. 1 Pet 1:13, Hope to the end. You will never be put to shame. Heb 11:1. When hope dies, faith becomes impotent. Rom 15:4. You build your hope by the word. Never give up.
  3. Beware of the misuse of your tongue. God does not know jokes. Matt 12:36, Ecc 5:6, Numb 14:28, what you say matters. Beware of the misused of your tongue. James 3:5, your tongue can destroy everything you have laboured for overnight. Your tongue determines the event of your life. Say to od, Lord I am sorry for saying what I don’t want to see. I am sorry for talking rough. Psalm 34:12-13

Your left over package shall be delivered to you before the end of this year in Jesus name

As you partake of the communion today, every unwanted habit in any ones life shall be gone forever. Your captivity is ending today