Sunday Watch Dec. 24th, 2017

Welcome to this encounter service. Psalm 29:1-11. Every assault of the enemy that has accompanied you till now is coming to an end today in Jesus name. Every shame in your life shall be turned to glory. I decree you blessed.

No testimony is small, they are all the finger of God in your life. The Lord will perfect your testimony in Jesus name. Psalm 20:1- God will remember your offering and sacrifices.

All things are possible. This is your Season. Psalm 65:4

This service will count for your change of level because the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut-short.

Series: Overcoming the forces that stands against fulfillment of prophecy. Isaiah 55:11. The Prophetic word is expected to fully deliver.  Gen 21:1- 2, Ezekiel 12:25. God will performed it  Heb 6:16-18, God cannot lie Titus 1:2, Isaiah 14; 24, 27, 2 Tim 2:13. God has assured your outcome. Psalm 110:19. Gods word will bring about your story.

Songs of Solomon 2:15. We must remove every forces.

Concerning your case, 8 days is too much, he created the word in 7 days and rested God will start and rest on your matter before the end of this year

1.Beware of unguarded thought. What happens in life is a result of what happens in life. Prov 23:7. The outcome of a mans life is determined by the input of his thoughts Phelemon1:14, 1 Pet 1:13, put enough barricade along your mind. Your thoughts is as powerful as your prayers. God does not only answer prayers, he answers thinking. Eph 3:20. If you want to see God act in your life, guard the lions. You can pray well and not think well and then you miss your miracle.

2 Cor 10:3-5.  Every thought to the obedience of Christ. It is your job to imprison your thought to obey Christ. If you don’t take responsibility over your mind, you will lose control over your life.

Watch out for double mindedness. James 1:6-8. Your thought must not be contrary to your mind. Don’t cancel your prayer with your thinking. Mark 11.23, the condition is in your mind. Right expectation but wrong meditation. Believe God absolutely. Gen 17:1, Rom 4:20-21. Receive Grace for single mindedness. How to win battle of the mind. 1. Renew your mind with the word of God. Rom 12:1-3. If you don’t put Good News on your mind, you cant live Good life on the earth. It is a renewed mind that produces a renewed life. Phil 4:8-10. This is the syllabus of our thinking. Psalm 1:1-3. Don’t think with the information others are using. Psalm 112:1-3, Joshua 1.8. Col 3:16, the devil cannot access your life without thoughts.

2. Beware of the siege of Fear. Fear is a spirit. 2 Tim 1.7, Job 3:24-25. What you fear will come to pass. Prov 29:25. Fear makes you victim of the enemy. Heb 4:12, Mark 4:35-41, Matt 14:30. Fear introduces you to danger. Fear brings into bondage. Heb 2:14-15. What you don’t fear cannot reach you. Satan cannot kill you without chaining you with fear. Phi 1:28. In no condition should you be afraid. What you stand in boldness will fear you. Don’t make yourself the chicken of the devil. Defeat your fear by building your faith. Eph 6:16-17, Matt 14:31 when faith is small, fear will grow. Rom 10:17. The greater your faith, the farther your fear.

3. Beware of looking backwards. Luke 9.62. Gen 19:26, Heb 3:14, Hab 2:1-3, Those who don’t know how to stay to the end wont see breakthroughs. Rom 4:18-, Gen 15:5, Gen 21:, Exodus 12: 41. 2017 shall deliver all that Good has for you. God is not through with you yet. The blessings of 2017 are still intact. You can ask God to release your divine package even now.