Sunday Watch August 13th, 2017

Today is Covenant Day of Long life

John 6:48-58

Your engagement shall command open reward. Continue to Pray, go and bring soul to the kingdoms, nurture the souls. It will empower you to live a supernatural lifestyle. You will experience divine growth. God shall continue to proof to all your mockers that your case is truly different.

Package your financial obligations.  Deut 16:17 you give as you are able and according to Gods blessings in your life. Present your seed to God today. For every giver of various seed, it shall come back to you in hundredfold

Psalm 65:4 thank you Lord for drawing me to your presence, open my ears to hear and my heart to understand. Let the word of God open my new chapter today. We are in our month of healing, health and wholeness Jer 33:6.

Every issue around anyone life shall find open cure today. God will restore your health. Whatever is contesting your inheritance with you must drop off today. Any kind of anniversary of sickness and disease shall end today.

The mystery behind your fortune shall walk out. You are walking towards your liberty.

Every evil shall lose his grip upon your life. Be desperate for an encounter. Be desperate for a turn around encounter in your health. You are going with the rod of authority from here.

Only Jesus has an answer to the working of spirit of infirmity Matthew 8:16-17. Devil cannot deposit sickness on your body. Today must mark the end of your ordeal with the spirit of infirmity Luke 4:39. Jesus rebuked the demon. Your case is settled

John 1:5, by the light of the word today every planting of the devil tormenting any aspect of your body is curse and out of your body Matt 9:11-13

The great prescription is the holy communion.

1 Cor 11:23-30. Whatever the devil has damaged in your life shall be cleared today. Matt 26:26-28. John 6:49-54. As you partake of this bread anything dead or dying in you bounces back to life.

Mysteries are loaded in the communion. Eternal life is included. Your human has been exchanged with eternal life, sicknesses and diseases will vacate your system.

John 6:57. John 14:9

What is in the communion that heals

Lev 17:11 life in the blood

Divine strength through the communion Psalm 78:24-25, 1 King 19:6-8, Psalm 105:37. Deut 8:3-4.

our spiritual understanding is key to the results we command. Longevity is a function of strength and communion is the energiser. Spirit, soul and body I decree your rescue today.

John 6:58. Prayer and fasting for life will secure your long life.

We enter sanctification through the blood Heb 9:14.

What is the flesh that heals.

Exodus 7:11-12, Isaiah 11:1, the rod of God goes inside to swallow the demon rods of infirmities.

2 kings 4:39-41. As you partake of this bread today, every poison planted into you, knowingly or unknowingly is nullified forever. Luke 24:30-31. Expect your natural eyes to be perfected. Deut 34:7.

Lev 17:11 every disease is traceable to mans blood, by the blood of Jesus no sickness or disease will be traceable in your body. Everything fighting you will be fought to finish. God will deliver your result instantly.

On this covenant day of long life. Old age is good. Genesis 15:15. Gal 3:13-14, we share it with Abraham. Gal 3:29. Gen 6:3. Gen 25:7-8, Good age that is you. If Jesus tarries you will see your children children to fouth generation, Gen 35:28-29, Gal 4:28. It is the word you receive and believe that gives you power to become it. John 1:12

How to enjoy long life

Be committed to serving God Exodus 23:25-26, Gen 6:3, Deut 34:5-7. serving God elongates days

Psalm 91:1-16 be committed to be in the house of God. Nothing negative that follows you shall go back with you today. be healed, be made whole