Sunday Watch April 22nd, 2018

Sunday Watch April 22nd, 2018

Covenant Day of OPEN DOORS

God will open the heavens and pour His showers of blessings, showers of breakthrough to you today.

Today is the beginning of your realms of open doors. Wisdom makes high flyers. Mat 7:24-25,  27. Wisdom is the application of biblical truth. Everyone building on the truth has secures his future without sweat. When his word lifts you, no devil can bring you down. Prov 1:5. There are no finish lines in the school of divine wisdom. Dan 9:2. The more you learn the wiser you become. Dan 1:17, 2 Pet 3:15. Wise men are ever committed learners. Wisdom does not drop on people, it is cultivated.

If I never read books, I will be in Red. Commit to learning more and more to anything you are involved in.

John 10:10. Having Jesus is life at its best. Wisdom is not right thinking but scriptural thinking- thinking through the word of the right steps to take to come out of your situation. Psalm 27:7, 2 Tim 3:15, Prov 14:12, 16:25.

Deut 28:1-3 ponder, look, observe, engage the biblical thinking.  Zeph 3:17-18. Share the concern of Heaven and in verse 19, God will undo all that affects you. And he alone will take the glory in verse 20. Glorious restoration to everything that belongs to you. Someone one here is changing levels. Every trace of reproach around your life shall become history.

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