Daily Devotional Wisdom April 29, 2013

The baby is Coming

 Luke 1:32, Isaiah 66:6-8, Mathew 13:32, Mark 4:32, Mathew 2:2, Genesis 32:24-26

 A Charge to Daily Wisdom Devotion

I came to deliver a message to every person in this forum, who has a struggle, who has some pains, who has some test, who has got some creative ideas but you’ve gone through some really tough stuff. Let me tell you something, the stuff you have been through, don’t pay any attention, it is just a sign that the baby is coming.

You are on the verge of birthing, you are about to give birth, the baby is coming. Tell someone by your side that the baby is coming so you don’t want to leave me now because the baby is coming, don’t walk out on me now because the baby is coming. I haven’t had my best idea yet, I haven’t had my most creative moment yet, I haven’t produced my dream yet; I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care if you have gone to school or not, I don’t care if you were born in a manger, God can make you a manager; there is something inside of you that is still kicking; there is something inside of you that want to get out; and that thing wants to live, that seed want to become a tree, that seed want to become a forest. Something inside of you is crying- let me out!! We are waiting for your water to break and for you to give birth to the greatest idea you have ever had. Anybody who has left you is going to miss it, they are going to miss the greatest part of you, any job that did not take you are going to miss the part that would have taken them to glory, the part that would have taken them out of bankruptcy, they are going to miss the greatest part of your destiny, the greatest part of your creativity; it took everything you have been through yesterday to get you ready for what you are about to do today; you are standing on the verge of a great awakening.

I believe there are businesses in you, companies in you, concepts in you, books to be written, paintings to be drawn, concepts to be birthed, ideas, there is something that you could do, that you can think in your life that will radically change your life. Somebody can take your hand that you have been dealt with and win with it with the same circumstances, same ideas; they will do it through what they thought about your life. But we don’t need somebody because God has you. The crowd was there with Peter, but Jesus said to Peter you don’t need anybody, you are man enough for the job; therefore, in the same boat, in the same circumstances, with the same technique and in the same river, launch into the deep. If you are going to birth your dream, your calling, your passion, you cannot draw back when life gets tough, you must confront your confrontations; you have got to push, you don’t need a caesarean operation because you can lose the baby with man’s confusion. If you push it you can have it, it is yours for the taking. For when the baby is born, stars must appear. “Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.” Mathew 2:2. It is your season to give birth.

Hints to Prayer

Today you have spiritual freedom to pray in any direction and not limited to the hints below;

• Whatever is coming let it no longer tarry in Jesus name

• Father, I give birth to creative ideas in Jesus name

• Father, I have longed for this manifestation and waited for my water to break, today, whatever that has held my water, break by fire and by force in Jesus name

• Father, like Peter in the same boat, same river you granted different experience. I decree new experience with my family, my husband/wife, academics, and business in Jesus name

• Father, I am the person the world has been waiting for to change the status quo, to change her community, I am the one loaded with imagination and creativity, I am the one that will solve the problem that have lasted for years in Jesus name

• Father, those people who have given up on me and left me, are going to miss the greatest part of me, any job that did not take me are going to miss the part that would have taken them to glory; because now they shall come back asking me for help in Jesus name

• Father, I decree that the seed in me shall now germinate, it shall become a tree, it shall shoot out branches, it shall become a Forest, It shall become the shadow that friends and enemies shall sought after In Jesus name

• Father, make me not to hold back anything that I was meant to sacrifice to you no matter how hard it may be in Jesus name

• I Challenge every limitation, every stumbling block, every rough road, every principalities or powers holding my baby from coming forth, causing me to be humiliated before mere men, creating fear in my life, blocking my vision, challenging my vision and that of my family, and that of my community, and that of my nation, to now be destroyed in Jesus name

• I, in agreement with the Anointing of God of this ministry now declare that I am now ready to join the shakers of ideas, I am now giving birth to businesses, to companies, I shall be sought after for creativity and ideas. I am now included among those whom God has favoured and honoured in the name that is above every other name, in Jesus name.

By Dr C.I.

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