Principles That Sustains Faith Basket

Allow me to show you the mechanics and the dynamics of faith and the principles that keep you going as a child of destiny.

dr uma ukpaiI had earlier shared how sons of native doctors in my village gathered and said I had turned the village into a church and they were going to kill me and kill my family members. They said I have become a focus because even the devil knows that when you focus on your focus, you become a focus. To me that was a good scenario. And I told them I like to be there. I then asked the policemen escorting me to stay away in another town because I will like to watch them pull down my house and kill my family members. They were coming in droves about two thousand of them, my driver started pleading, I told him please what, when Jesus died, I died, and when he arose I arose so this life is a borrowed one. As we turned our car, faced them and  got very close to them, they said they saw one thousand soldiers escorting me and eight hundred mobile policemen and they took to their heels. Some of them had compound fractures and dislocation because they were running and breaking their legs. They said I am a wicked man, that I had brought soldiers into the village to demolish it. I asked my driver, did you see any soldiers, he said no sir. Why does satan fights us? Because every good thing is at the cutting edge of life. We may not even know who we are but satan knows that he that is in you is much greater than him. 1 John 4:4,

Men and brethren, if you want to know a man with great destiny, listen to the things that come out of him, listen to the pronouncement he makes and what he permits. Why? Everyman’s future is a function of his faithfulness today, if you are faithful today, you will be fruitful tomorrow.  The bible says three things happened that ignited the faith in David. Number one: He saw and heard the ranting of Goliath, Number Two. He saw his own people fleeing for their lives. Number three. He heard the lamentation of his people and the reward that will follow. 1 Sam 17: 23- 25. Salvation is not free, It cost God his son, therefore, whatever costs you nothing holds no value to you.

David said to anyone who cared to listen when they were been mesmerized by Goliath. What shall be done to the man who kills Goliath? His Attitude suddenly became engraved in faith. His attitude became a spring that refuse to let him keep silent even when his brothers who were trained warriors opposed him, they forgot that only men who have heard from God are permitted to be heard by the people, they forgot that life is reserved for the brave because the brave usually ends up becoming great men. They mocked him and men who mock prophesies and prophets are not permitted to benefit from them. The soldier’s justification of Goliath strength became the gateway to their frustration; strengthening the fact that there is no future for the fearful.

The children of Israel forgot to recognise that Goliath did not challenge them, He challenged God. Therefore, Goliath was not their problem; their problem was the ignorance of the ability and the availability of God because those who know God don’t beg men. Crying could not chase or kill Goliath. To be ignorant of your place in God’s plan guarantees a life of toiling and maximum frustration. Do you realise that every time our master Jesus met people crying. The first thing commandment is ‘weep not’ the reason is because weeping to man does not guarantee miracles but weeping to God by Faith at your closest which is the sixth realm of the seven levels of prayer intensity.

 David wanted to be sure of the reward knowing that if you live for nothing, you will become nothing. How many of you know why you are existing? What has God created you to solve? Or are we adding to the confusion of our family, confusion to the community and confusion to our nation. There is no short cut to a life of excellence without a life of vision. The cheapest way out of frustration and lack is to abide in God’s plan for your life. We must become doers of Gods word because heaven is in the business of changing lives and granting rewards to them that seek God. The scriptures summed it up “And whatsoever he doeth shall prosper” Psalm 1:3 It can be equated to mean only doers are permitted by this principle that sustains your faith basket to prosper. To be contd

 Dr Uma Ukpai


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