FEAR – The Success Killer By Dr Uma Ukpai

“Say to two persons of your choice, ‘If you are going to have an uncommon success you must live fearlessly”fear not

Let us go to that beautiful scripture, from it you must tell yourself because of this awesome promise, I have no reason to fear any enemy, or fear any sickness or anybody. Isaiah 41:9 Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away. I want this bible line to sink deep into your heart. It is He who is the maker of heaven and earth; to him nothing is impossible. He whose word is a decree that every demon must obey, he whose power is the ultimate and absolute and total power. And he says you are my servant.

How many of you know that no man gives his life to Christ unless God calls him. It is not everybody who hears salvation messages that will repent. It is only those God has called. In Isaiah 41:10 God, says fear thou not. God says I will not forsake you. I have called you by thy name, you are mine. I have called you to be my servant.  In the book of Numbers 23: 20-23.

What does this means? When our enemies go to God to report us; when our enemies go to God and accuse us falsely and foolishly; the bible say He will not listen to them because he has already blessed us and that blessing cannot be changed. Raise your hand and say that the blessings of God upon your life cannot be changed.  It is amazing, the bible says when he looks at us, he does not see any perversion or sin, and he sees only the blood of Jesus. Balaam was hired be Balak to put a curse upon the children of Israel and God said it is not possible because I had already commanded that they be blessed and it cannot be changed.

  Please I want you to digest this bible passage, I want you assimilate this bible passage, I want you to make it a part of your thinking processes. Right where you are, no native doctor has power to harm you. The bible says there is no enchantment, no divination that will have any effect upon your life. Deut 20: 1-2 and Deut 20:8, Raise your hand and say I shall no longer be afraid of my enemies. It doesn’t matter who they are. We don’t measure our enemy by their size; we measure them by the size of our God. If our God is bigger, we go home and sleep. From Genesis to revelation, we hear God say over and over again, fear not I am with you. Fear steals the word of God from us. Fear steals your dream from you. Fear is you in a dark room developing negatives. Fear is our greatest enemy and it is one enemy that is always closest to where we are. Fear of failure, fear of sickness, fear of rejection. Most of the time if not all of the time, it has no connection with reality. Your fear is unnecessary. If we are going to live a life without fear, everyone reading this must learn how to believe God and believe his word, and must also tell yourself that you are God servant and he has also promised to be with you.

All that fear does is to control our thoughts. Therefore, is there anyone here going through a life of fear, either the enemy attacks you in your dreams, you wake up frightened or the problems you are going through they tend to terrify you. All the sickness you are facing; is troubling you, and you want us to ask God to take away that fear that you may be more than a conqueror. Fear can be demonic, fear can be very powerful, today we confront your fear, we banished them, join me in prayers as we say to God never again will this fear rule my life.

 Every sickness, every problem and every fear that has a name shall bow to the name of Jesus. Satan has no legal right to hold your past against you because God has forgiven you. Therefore, you shall no longer work under limitation. And you shall become amazement to your relations, in the name of the Father, and of the son and of the HolyGhost

Dr Uma Ukpai