Principles Of Faith Basket Part 2

dr uma ukpaiMy dream in this forum is first that you become a child of God, to set you on fire and whoever touches you will be on fire. My dream is also to make you heavenly conscious and earthly useful. Witches and wizards must fear you; circumstances must obey your destiny. But If you must have a Kingly anointing operating in your life, the seven Spirits of the lord must be found in you; the Spirit of the lord, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge, and the fear of the lord. Isaiah 11:2. We must therefore ask God to increase our faith using the basket.

Faith is the ability to have absolute confidence in God and see what others cannot see. Faith helps you to stand immovable on Gods promises. Faith is not only believing God, but also obeying God to prove that we believe Him entirely, the reason is because the bible says even the devil believes and trembles. James 2:19. I am a believer of Faith not a believer of luck because you don’t shine by luck; you shine by Light that comes from your Faith.

Men and brethren, every struggles of life requires a cure by miracles, therefore it is wisdom to invest in building your faith because faith has the power to trigger your miracles. Faith is a spiritual weapon and not a religious logic. It does not come to you by mere wish; it comes to you as you desire it, as you speak it and as you become a doer, an action taker of the word of God. Boy oh boy, when you are empowered by God, you become in-charge of men. When heaven empowers you, you become fearless because Power is the cure of fear.

Faith brings you into a unique partnership with heaven which makes you become daring; it makes you a speaker of the unspeakable and causes the impossible to happen at your command. For example, a man who had a broken wrist, the elbow joint and his pelvic were damaged from accident came to ‘Like a mighty wind’ programme, the doctors had concluded and confided him to the wheel chair. When he shouted hallelujah the third time as I commanded, his legs were recreated to the glory of God.

The bible says Goliath was a giant, your problem may be bigger than Goliath but David did not look at the bigness of his problem but the bigness of his God. Whatever is too big for you to say, will automatically be too big for you to experience or see. “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”1 Samuel 17:26

Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego, pronounced even if our God refuse to show up, we shall not bow to your god oh great King. Men of Faith do not beg their enemies, Daniel 3:16, they speak substance to reality; their prayers always sends the Angels on assignment because you never come across a man of Faith who is not a man of prayer.

We are in a generation of Faith movement not faith monument because our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Allow the word of God to dwell in you richly, allow it to set you on fire because when you hear from God, you cannot doubt it. When God speaks to you, all your doubts die and Gods concentrated presence opens every close door; He never comes down without performing wonders.

The amount of time you log into God’s presence is what determines your spiritual ranking. The amount of time you go shopping with your faith basket determines how loaded your destiny contains. But you must beware of other gods and that includes you. If your faith must work, you must doubt your doubts and it must be solely dependent on God, the author and finisher of our Faith.

God is ready to change your social status but the choice is yours. I declare that the walls of your Jericho that has been prayer resistant shall now collapse. I demand and command that your environment shall now obey your destiny.

Dr Uma Ukpai