Marriage Tips Part 2

“If you love and respect God, love and respect for and from your spouse would be easy to achieve. A woman who loves God will receive a harvest of love from her husband. And the man, who respects God, will receive a harvest of respect from his wife”

“Marriage is a perfect union with imperfect practitioners. Marriage requires labour and patience to work”

“Marriage is a lifelong experience of thinking together, planning together, hoping together and praying together”

Whatever wants to break your relationship with God, wants to destroy your destiny. Whether it is the works of the flesh or whatever, it is targeting your destiny: don’t allow it!

“When the Lord remembers you, those who spitefully use you shall loose the election for greatness”

“Take time to study your spouse because when you understand your spouse, you will react differently when there is impending crisis”

“When you are hurt, don’t lash out; wait until you have firm control of yourself and until the time is right to bring up the issue without rejecting your spouse”
“Some men call their wives and children all kinds of terrible names out of anger. Some women are full of nagging. Hear me, words can make or destroy a destiny”

“No matter your temperament, never monopolize a discussion. Give room to your spouse or other members of the family to express themselves, as well”

“There should be no hide-and-seek game between you and your spouse, because you are now one”

“For every little thing or gift you receive from your spouse, learn to appreciate it because this will provoke him or her to go the extra mile to do anything for you. Appreciate the fact that you are married to him or her”

“Never you go to bed at night with something against your spouse in your heart. If you do, you have given the devil room to penetrate your marriage through nightmares”

Love and respecting God guarantees a safer home.

“Every man must protect his wife from his mother and from his sisters and brothers”
“The greatest enemy of marriage is selfishness”
“It takes wisdom to build a good marriage that others will call a heaven on earth”

“Do not be deceived to choose to be an imitator of other people’s marriage, some marriages you see are mostly people smiling with their teeth open but by the time you get closer, you will discover how badly it stinks”

“Marriage is ordained by God and the devil is not happy when you are happy”