Marriage 201

Anger is a cancer that has destroyed many marriages, and as a result renders many children hopeless. When your spouse makes you angry, calm down and confront it before the end of the day. Therefore, do not explode and speak cruel words, which can cause irreparable damage.

Bottling up anger is risky; it steals away the harmony in the home. Some spouses try to suppress anger. While others, become angry without a reason. They get angry, but swallow it, pretending everything is all right, and plaster a smile on their faces. Speak out with wisdom.

There is dignity in marriage, but it takes the right character to attract it. Character commands unction, unction commands dignity. Character crisis is the reason for failure of most marriages.

Who is your family friend? You cannot be a Christian and your family friend will be an unbeliever or a muslim. What companionship are you forming with an unbeliever? Anyone who is lacking in Christian character should never be your family friend.

A friend is someone with whom you and your family relate intimately. He is someone you identify with, share common experience with and bare your mind to. This simple definition of a friend shows that not everybody is a friend. So, you need to always use the Word of God in selecting who should be your friend. Therefore, your family’s vision, goal or target in life should determine your choice of family friends. If you are married and all your friends are single, watch it.

Disallow your spouse, children, etc. to keep wrong company. This is because the effect of the company you keep will sooner or later affect your marriage and family. Your marriage and family will succeed in Jesus’ name.

May God bring you in contact with friends that will skyrocket you and your family to your place in destiny. May you never keep a company that will keep you away from God.