Marriage 202

You also have to be a witness to your wife, by telling her you will respect her, if she wrongs you, you will forgive her and that your marriage is forever. I know it is not easy to fall in love with the same woman for forty years but God will give you the grace

All that every woman wants is commitment for life. It is unconditional and that you love her all the days of your life. Whether she behaves well or not and that you love her. That’s all. She will bring out her best.

But women, all that your husband wants is respect. Respect your husband. Don’t treat him as if he is nobody. Men want your respect and that you obey him. God does not call the intelligent but the foolish to shame the wise. Therefore, despite your husband foolishness and stupidity, love him and respect him and you will have a beautiful home.

If you respect a man, you will make him give you all the money he has.

There are people that somebody has placed a limitation upon their family. I demand, that curse placed upon that family is now cancelled.

Sleeping with the person who is not your husband or wife is an unholy soul ties with ‘demonic bridges’. This is because you are not only opening yourself up to a curse for sexual sin, but also a soul tie with a person who may be tormented by demons. 1 Corinthians 6:16 and this is one of the major gateway to be tormented by spiritual husband or wife

Turn your home into a praise centre, a place where the praises of God dwell at all times. There’s nothing you praise God for that reduces. Therefore, if you want increases, praise Him now

Many homes are in financial crisis today, because they have developed an attitude of ingratitude, murmuring and complaining. Sorrow, dejection, and depression are destroyers. They hinder God’s blessings. They have destroyed many homes; don’t let them destroy yours.

Anytime you sense any animosity rising within you against your spouse, know that Satan is seeking an entrance. Therefore, resist him steadfastly in the faith. Tell yourself that since you have no intention of having another home, you will not give Satan a foothold in your family