Marriage 200

Be a committed spouse. Complacency is when the thrill of the new gives way to the satisfaction of the familiar. Most couples experience the chase of their first love for each other. They call, write, and just do little things to let their partner know how much they care. After they are married, in the satisfaction and contentment of having “caught” their lover, they rarely show the intensity of the love they once experienced together. Use creativity to spice your marriage

Watch your utterances. A sister angrily spoke judgment to the husband and till today, the husband has been without job and blessings always bypassed him. Also, some family members due to very minor issues have laid curses upon each other because of father’s inheritance and now they are suffering in the midst of plenty.

When we are offended by our spouse and we pray God to punish them and if God answers, the repercussion will fall back to you and your children.

The covenant of marriage is in force, as long as both parties are still alive. There is no room for divorce. Once you are married, there is no separation. You must try by all means to settle this within yourself that there are no alternatives and there is nowhere else to go. So, you must settle down and give it all it takes to make your marriage work.

Your family is a spiritual assignment and you need God’s wisdom to handle issues and take care of your children. Because God is involved, you cannot successfully carry out a spiritual assignment in the energy of the flesh.

God has vowed to give you peace always and by all means, so you must plug into it, by playing your part

No one hates to be loved. Love is able to cover a multitude of sins, and seek the welfare of every family member. A joyful man is an optimistic man.

Lack of rest can lead you to have miscarriage of pregnancy, miscarriage of purpose, it can make you to lose your job, lose your pregnancy, lose your marriage, and mostly lose your life. Lack of rest reduces your tendency to love deeply because it takes energy to love. Therefore a quality marriage is a marriage where the husband and wife have created time to rest

A man cannot come back from work with his briefcase to meet a rambling wife talking about bills; he will never want to come home willingly