Marriage 104

Marriage is meant to be a medium of sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc, between a man and his wife, thereby keeping their relationship going.

Jesus said, if ye love me, keep my commandments. That includes the command to love your wife and to love her as Jesus loves the church. It doesn’t mean your wife will be a perfect woman because there is no perfect woman under the Sun.

I preach and I say, that to marry a woman who has no annoying habits is to slow down your growth. The problem they give, the more you pray. The more you pray, the more anointing God will give you.

We all grow by the opposing view. When a pendulum swings to the left, it will require an equal and opposite force to bring it to the right and maintain equilibrium.

You don’t love your wife because she is wonderful, even if she is a disaster in the kitchen, you love her because the master has commanded you to love her.

It is not your own love but Gods love working in your heart that you express to her.

Hear me; except you are a man of character, you cannot maintain discipline in your home.

When you have sex with a girl that you have never married, when you finally married her, she will never trust you.

There will be a climate of distrust and suspicion in your family and every time a girl shows up in your house, to her this are her competitors.

Do you know that every pretty girl is a suspect because when a girl is pretty, men will line up to shake hands with her to celebrate her or to destroy her.

If you are addicted to a life of thanksgiving, praise and worship to God, it will definitely reflect in your everyday life with your spouse and family members.

Without a free flow of communication with God, every other communication will not be a smooth one.

Marriage has responsibilities attached to it. Co-operation, therefore, is a necessity. The wife, for instance, should submit to her husband in the home, be chaste, respectful and pure in her conversation. She should keep her home and make it conducive for the Holy Spirit to dwell.

The man on the other hand, must play a leadership role in the home, provide for his family and train his children in the way of the Lord. When both the man and the woman fulfill their covenant responsibilities, it becomes easy for their marriage to be sustained. Thus, no storm of life will be able to destabilize them because the force of oneness will be in operation.