Marriage 103

Don’t jump into marriage because of material blessings. Ask God to choose for you. Here this, a man that is handsome and rich is not a guarantee for a good marriage.

It is not financial success that your child needs but a beautiful relationship with God. Therefore, teach your children how to love God and God will elevate them in due season.

The relationship with God is the ultimate.

Don’t blame your wife for your failures. Honour her and she’ll be your prayer support. She won’t leave if you’re broke but she’ll leave if you’re loveless.

If you have lost anything, it is not the end of life. Count your blessings. Don’t join men who go about saying since I marry my wife my business has gone down. Marriage is capital intensive. Ask God to help you rise again.

Make your wife understand that you did not marry her because you wanted children, she has to know that you married her because you need a beautiful companionship.

You are married to one person, your children are outsiders.

When a husband says to a wise woman, ‘You are an idiot’ Her reply should be ‘Foolishness has brought me to this house. God who brought me here will take care of me but no wise woman will marry a man like you” That man will not fight the wife because she has left a great lesson.

A quality husband is someone who can remember his parents-in-law.

When a young man desires to have sex with you, wisdom should tell you that you are not ready to have a child you will not care for.

When you get pregnant and you don’t have money, or a house, you will have no option than to sacrifice the child and any woman who have killed and unborn child will never forget it. Avoid premarital sex.

God gave women powerful memory.

When People try’s to become the Holy Spirit, tell them they are not. Don’t let people dictate your life for you. God must be first. Therefore, when a man proposes to you, ask God for His opinion.