Marriage 105

The longer you are courting the more room you create for temptation and compromise

When you see a girl and God confirms and affirms that she is the one he wants you to marry, don’t tell her until the money is ready because Marriage is financial business.

Don’t propose to a girl and begin to frequent her house and call her to cook for you.

Marriage is not a trap. It should make a man move up on the ladder of progress. It should take him from good to better, from better to best, and from best to the point of perfection in life.

Many are scared of entering into marriage, because they see it as an instrument of stagnation. Marriage is meant to advance, increase and promote one

A husband who, rather than help his wife to stay spiritually vibrant, concentrates on himself alone, is selfish. A wife who is spiritually weak can pull down her spiritual-giant of a husband, and vice verse.

If you hide your earning from your wife, she will definitely make demands that are beyond your means

Wife, don’t keep your money for the purpose of buying the latest clothes, shoes and headgear in town only. You make yourself look like a prostitute, when you give your husband your body, but cannot give him your money.

For a hurting soul, Say with me ‘Dear God, I come today with a heavy heart. I have been hurt and I don’t know what to do. I know I must learn to forgive, and release this pain to You. Please help me to let go of this pain and grant me your peace in Jesus name