Marriage 102

“What is your association? Finding a Christian husband or wife won’t happen if you’re focused on activities and events that don’t involve Christians”

“Many kids are very self centered. Therefore, teach your children how to be a blessing by your example. Kids learn best by example and modelling your faith is the best example they will ever see.

The concept of “being a blessing” means taking the focus off them and onto someone else.

“God took one of the ribs of Adam, not from the head but by the side. This shows that the woman is not meant to dominate the man. She is not meant to rule over the man. That is why in a home, where the woman wants to take the place of the man, there will always be problem (Eph 5:24)”

“As a woman, if you want peace in your home, respect your husband, honour him, give him the honour that is due to him. Until you give him his place, there will not be peace at home”

“As a man, your unconditional acceptance of your wife should not be based upon her performance, but on her worth as God’s gift to you. You must love her unconditionally”

“It is the responsibility of the man to provide specially for his own house both spiritually, materially and financially. Don’t join men who make provision for their village meetings, relations and friends at the expense of their immediate family members. This is contrary to scriptures”

“He must ensure that his family member have what to eat and wear”

“Husbands hear me, your placement in the Kingdom of God, is determined by how well you rule your home. If you cannot rule your house well, God will not allow you to rule His church, because He knows that you will not succeed there”

“Any man who cannot rule his home well and claimed to be working for GOD is only taking a walk out of divine purpose”