Kingdom Ambassadors- Gods Plan for Every Believer


“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth”. Act1:8

Every success in life is a function of knowledge. I want you to equip yourself with enough knowledge to make you a successful person. 

Men and brethren, when God promise to baptise his people with power; he had a goal, he had a purpose; our God is a God of purpose. He cannot give you an anointing without a reason; every one of us is created on purpose for a purpose. He said I will fill you with the HolyGhost and with fire; meaning the consuming fire of God will continue to dwell in you. The reason is that that you may be the evidence of Gods word, evidence of his kingdom, that you will become his ambassador in your home, in your village and the world at large.

We have been called by God to become representatives of his kingdom and his government. You must remind yourself every day that you are an ambassador of the government of God in heaven. To be an ambassador is to have the privileges of an Ambassador and the power of an ambassador; you are not an ordinary person.

When you are born again Christian, there remains one more level you must reach. That level is to receive the power that makes a man, a man of exploits. God does not want you to live a powerless life. He does not want you to live a lazy life, he wants you to be useful in his hands; he wants you to be his battle axe; he wants you to be an instrument he will use to wipe away the tears of men. He wants you to go to your village and speak against every voice that speaks against your village. He wants that all the demons that collect debts from those that live in your village be stopped from collecting those debts through you.

There are things that God want to add to what you already have; when we speak of Christ, we speak of Him that has seven spirits and God wants you to have access to that seven spirits; to enable you become more equip, more empowered, more fortified to do what he wants you to do. Isaiah 11:2. Number one is the Spirit of the Lord; every time the Spirit of God comes upon Samson, he did extraordinary things, and this awesomely awesome God wants you to have this power, that you will become amazement to members of your village. Let them say of you is it not the boy we used to know, how come he speaks such lofty wisdom, how come he has become so knowledgeable. Not only will you become an orator; heaven wants you to become a commander of signs and wonders. Luke 4:14. You shall return to your village with the power of the HolyGhost, don’t be afraid.

God said he will give you the Spirit of wisdom. When we speak of wisdom we mean the commander of success. Wisdom is the carrier of the evidence of success. Wherever you are, you must tell yourself that you shall be a commander of success. A man that has wisdom will command respect everywhere he goes; the world will see him and will honour him. I want you to hear me, beginning today, God will begin to prepare you for that great battle of reaching your village with his word and power. And I declare that you will have supernatural commanding victory. Proverb 24:3-5. For you to be successful as a man and as a woman you need wisdom because wisdom shows you what to do to reach your appointed place in life; wisdom shows you what to do to have food for your family members. Wisdom shows you what to do to take care of your father and mothers house in the village. The bible says it is wisdom that determines a man’s level of attainment. And I declare that the spirit of wisdom shall follow you beginning today.

In Prov 24:4 the bible says God will give you knowledge about life, and that knowledge will determine the quality of your house. The bible says your problem is that you have not asked God to bless you. It is not that God cannot bless you but you have not asked him. In verse 5, God compares wisdom with strength. Why? In warfare, it is not the weapon you have that matters but the information you have. Our God is promising you today to give you wisdom, which is more powerful than weapon. To be contd

Dr Uma Ukpai

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