From The Spirit Of Fear To The Spirit Of Power

 Acts 1:8 “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Judea is your own village. Many of us run away from our villages for fear of witches and wizard, for fear of attack, for fear of family curses but God wants you to carry the light of His power to your village. My heart beats that so many Christians don’t care about the villagers.

dr uma ukpaiWe are happy to be born again, we are happy that we are on our way to heaven but we have no plans for people in the village. It is either Jerusalem is your village or Judea; but wherever you have come, God wants you to be the showpiece of that village and the showcase of that village. God wants you to take the gospel to them. God wants you to be an instrument of soul winning to your village.

The only reason why God will annoint you is that you will touch your village. If you are not from Uyo, the demons in Uyo will not know you. It is only the demons in your village that knows you and can attack you. Therefore, it is through you that the limitation placed upon your village can be dismantled.

Men and brethren, I speak from a position of knowledge. I began to confront the forces in my own village with the Gospel in 1974 and I have continued till 2013. My village has become transformed; the premature death we used to experience every now and then has been stop. In my village we used to have poverty walking along our streets, but the story has changed.

God said I will give you power that you may be my witnesses. Mark 16:15-20. The bible says if you begin now to prepare and by the time you are ready to go to your village, this signs shall follow you. I don’t know what demon is operating in your home, I don’t know what demon is harassing people in your village but as you listen to me today, God is ready to empower you to deal with those demons and send them packing. You can become the apostle of the gospel to your village. They may likely resist you initially, but they will celebrate you later.

Number one, when you obey God, God will honour you by allowing your people to celebrate you. Number Two, God will use you as an example of what He can do. 1 Cor 2:9 God shall surprise you for daring to lead the evangelism of your village. Why will God annoint anyone of us? It is to bring you out of your hiding place. I don’t know where you have been hiding or what frightens you but when the HolyGhost comes upon you, He will make you stay away from your hiding place and become visible to your village. And this awesome God will use you to demonstrate His power. In the book of Acts 3:6, the bible says Peter was hiding, without knowing he is an ambassador with a mandate from the government of God to reach out to the sick and the lost.

A brother invited me to Enugu-Ukwu in Nigeria, to his village and his mother that was crippled stood up and walked during the program. The woman said I have sat in one place for so many years, now I can walk; now I can dance; now I can jump. God wants you to be the battle axe in your village.

You can confront the demons that confront you from your village; it is the best place to go to bind the demons, to limit them and to stop them Acts 5:12. When you set up to go in faith, God will surprise you with financial blessings because God has an inexhaustible wealth.

The day I dedicated my village to the lord, the chief priest of our village shrine died and they moved him to where I was and the Chief of the Village said ‘Uma, you preach and you prayed, All we did was to say Amen, now we have a corpse’ Then one of my doctor friend said let us rush him to the nearby mortuary. But I said to him, God is asking me to call his name seven times. And he said God spoke to you, from where? I told him I don’t know but I heard Him. My mother said when she saw them moving the corpse to where I was that she also died. She said I knew when they were through in dealing with you, it will be my turn. But as I called the man’s name seven times, and at the seventh time, the man sneezed and sat up. He said I was going somewhere and you called me.

God did not promise you power to be wasted. Anything he has given you, he has a reason for giving it to you. It must not be wasted.

Villages are rejected by government. Nobody cares for villagers. That is where poverty grows along the street. Raise-up your hand and say there shall be no more struggling in my life and in my village. And I will no longer be a liability to the kingdom of God. I will now be an asset to the kingdom of God. Beginning today, my life shall no longer be a life of problems, but a life of triumphant living. Right where you are, the spirit that rules your life shall be driven away, only the Spirit of God shall now rule your life.

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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