Extraordinary Kingdom Ambassador By Dr Uma Ukpai

Dr Uma UkpaiMen and brethren, I want you to listen to me attentively and intently because it is my prayer that heaven will change your story to glory. Jesus left a promise for you to claim. In Acts 1:8, Jesus said something and I want you to personalise it. The bible says there is already a provision for everyone of us to receive power. Jesus said you will be his representatives, the evidence of the word of God. You will be my Ambassador. The Ambassador of the government of God in heaven as small as you are; as young as you are; there is a plan to transform your life; there is a plan to make you Gods battle axe. There is a plan to make you that voice beginning today; you will no more be noise but a voice to all the demons in your village.

God must have a reason for posting you to that village. You may not like the village, but you can turn that village around. Jesus is speaking to you in Matthew 28:18-20. Every time I read this place, I see myself standing in the place where God can use me to do the impossible. It is my prayer that you will not just hear but you will walk into that consciousness of the supernatural. There are three worlds, we have the physical world we see, we have the other world that demons operate that we can call hell and we have the heavenly world. Amazingly Jesus rules in these three worlds. He said All Power is with him.

In 1978, my wife and I were the first to be kidnapped in Uyo, Nigeria. They invited me for a program, on arrival there was no church. They took me to the inner room and kept my wife in the sitting room. I asked them what type of church is this. They said I should shut up my mouth or else I will be a dead man. They asked for the key to my car and bank documents. I told them this money and car was giving to me by Jesus, if I must give you anything I have to hear from him and see him, and he must tell me to give it to you. They said we shall give you a liquid and when you drink Jesus will appear and ask you to surrender your money to us. I took the cup and spoke to the liquid whatever was your name, that name is now suspended, you are no more poison, you will now function like tea in that name that is above every name because all power is giving to the master. The leader said, will you die because of an ordinary replaceable car. I told him already I am a ghost and when Jesus died, I died and when He resurrected, I resurrected. A dead man cannot die twice. I drank it and gave them the cup nothing happen, they were looking at me. Right where you are, there is a plan for God to transform your life and make you do the impossible..

I said to the leader if by midnight you don’t open this door, I will lay my hands on seven of you and you will all die. They opened the door and ran to my wife saying reverend wants to pray dangerous prayer, come and beg him. My wife said to me ‘you like trouble, if they opened the door, let us go. I said it is my turn. The kidnappers said we know what we gave you and you cannot drive to Uyo alive. I told them to get out of the way before the wrath of God falls on them.

Right where you are, you are a candidate of this power. You are a child of Power. Jesus said he will give power over sickness; power over demons; power over bad marriage; power over all types of demonic activities. When you have such power, you are no longer an ordinary person. The purpose of the power is that you may be his witnesses, a witness of the government of God in heaven. Therefore, the voice of sickness, the voice of premature death, the voice of poverty shall be stopped because of you. You will be able to say to your village, every voice that speaks against her shall speak no more. Jesus said I will give you Power. What is Power? Power is the ability to control life and death. A man with power goes with the peculiar concentrated presence of God. When we speak of Power, we mean the ability to harness the wild wind of life. There is a mark on you that say you are no longer an ordinary person.

Those looking down on you will begin to look up to you for help. Your village principalities shall obey you not because of you but because of the man behind you. I don’t know what you are going through but this month shall be your month of coronation. Jesus mother said, whatever he asks you to do; do it. The HolySpirit shall arrest every situation that troubled you. This is your crowning night. Don’t let anything discourage you. Every King kneels before his coronation. As you kneel before God, may you stand taller than your mountain. God has never called a qualified person to preach, He only qualifies the called; may Heaven qualify you. When God gives you a vision, there is already a provision. By the spoken word today, you are going to be an eminently prospered person.

If you are ready to obey God and serve him; He shall make every day to become a messenger that brings inexhaustible joy. Something about our great God is that, with him there is no cage that shall hold you. Whatever the enemy shall plot against you shall be countered by Him. You will no longer sweat like a Christmas goat on a Christmas morning. Every plan to harm you shall be cancel by God.

Anointing is not by age, but by grace; therefore, God shall make you a voice and a not noise. Beginning today let nobody born of a woman frighten you. You shall no longer be a victim of your circumstances but creators of your circumstances. May you see the unprotected forehead of your Goliath. May God put miracles in your mouth. When the Power of God came upon Saul his enemies gave him bread. May your enemies bless you and make peace with you. It shall be so unto you in the name of the father, and of the Son and of the HolyGhost.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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